Journal of Mythic Arts — Summer 2005 Issue — Endicott Studio

Editors: Terri Windling
and Midori Snyder
Book Reviewers: Helen Pilinovsky
and Elizabeth Genco
Web Consultant: Jim Otepka

(top) Man in the Maze by Bartolomeo Veneto
(middle) White Rabbit by
Sir John Tenniel and
The Righteous Man Pursued by a Devil
by Clive Hicks–Jenkins
(bottom) Hunter by Linda Iltis

Letter from the Editor’s Desk
“Artists draw upon ancient symbols, patterns, and designs to add layers of meaning to their work — particularly in the field of mythic arts where archetypal and folkloric imagery is used to communicate provocative ideas about feminism, environmentalism, and other subjects . . .”

The Reading Room

The Dance of the Labyrinths
by Ari Berk
“Labyrinths are tricky things: dark avenues and turns, occasional monsters or may–poles, complex riddles to be solved, and all these to be dealt with before the long walk back out again . . .”

The Symbolism of Rabbits and Hares
by Terri Windling
“In some lands, hare is the messenger of the Great Goddess, moving by moonlight between the human world and the realm of the gods; in other lands he is a god himself, wily deceiver and sacred world creator rolled into one . . .”

Briar Rose
a story by Kim Atineau
“She tried tattooing flowers again, this time on her thighs. First violets, then roses, gardenias, rhodies; a garden bloomed on her skin . . .”

The Gallery

The Mari Lywd
and other imagery by Welsh artist Clive Hicks–Jenkins

Vision and Dream
a revised gallery offering by Dutch artist Marja Kruÿt

The Crossroads: Mixed Media

Tibetan A lce Lha mo:
The World Beneath the Tent

by Jeanette Snyder
“The Hunters continued to perform fast and slow circle dance compositions to percussion accompaniment, alternating with songs praising nature, explaining their origins in all the three realms, upper, middle, and lower, and ending with auspicious verses . . .”

The Coffeehouse: Poetry

The Slaking
by Nathalie F. Anderson

The Dream of Angus
by Patrick Cotter

How Caér Came Into Being
by Patrick Cotter

Becoming Bird
by Bob Hicok

by Mario Milosevic

The Twelve Dancing Princesses
by Joseph Stanton