A Muslim Sex Video Makes the rounds

https://sexsaoy.com/ is becoming more popular especially in the United States. There are many conservative groups that condemn it and for that reason they are banning the https://sexsaoy.com/ industry from showing their pornographic films in movie theaters or on television. What is troubling is the response of those who want to see Muslim sex movies. They are defending their religion and their women while at the same time attacking the people who are opposing this. The fact is, there is no problem with Muslim sex, and it is the people who are against it that are the ones creating problems. They have a slippery mind and are easily angered when they see anything or anyone that they feel is offensive.

Muslim sex video

What I find offensive about all this is that these same people are the same people who are standing up and defending the Christian and Jewish people against similar accusations of having pornography involving them in their movies. Why are they doing that when the Muslim sex industry is bringing in so much money? What I find even more offensive is that these same people are telling us that we cannot watch a Muslim sex video because it will offend someone. So how do we know when we are offended and how can we know what is offensive?

It is not my place to tell other people what is not offensive. If you don’t like something in the United States or Europe and you apply it there, then don’t bring it to their country. But, in the Muslim world, it is allowed and in fact, it is encouraged. That is the problem with the Muslim sex industry in the United States and Europe.

For instance, in Morocco, where it is legal for a woman to be seen naked under her clothes, a woman can be seen as fully clothed in one of the most commonly used pornographic films ever made. That is a little like putting a nanny on the couch while you watch TV. In Indonesia, the act of having sex outside of the marriage bed is called “rioting”, and it is a capital offense. There have been reports of women being burned alive over inappropriate relations.

What we are seeing is a worldwide trend. In Muslim societies, the man’s penis is the most important component of the family, and in the Muslim sex industry, the woman’s genitalia are much worse than a man’s. That is why there is no nudity in the Muslim sex industry. If they did, then Western men would not be seeing so many beautiful women on pornography sets. What we see is Muslim women being forced to be sexually provocative, and sometimes, the act becomes so degrading that the women are degraded to using sexual language on film. That is not acceptable.

What happens is that Muslim sex industries exploit women, and the men who produce the pornographic films do not have the decency to think about the effect that they are having on the woman. This makes it easier for the Muslim sex industry to flourish. And that is why this video, and others like it, are not allowed in the Muslim community. This is wrong.

Instead of degrading and objectifying the women in the Muslim sex industry, perhaps we should focus more on educating them and making them more aware of their rights? How can we expect our children to grow up with morals if we ourselves are morally bankrupt? Education is the key, and it must start at home. Muslim sex offenders are abusing the ignorance of conservative society. The time has come for the entire Muslim world, including Muslim women, to rise up against this degradation.

Will we allow these barbaric acts to go on? What will we tell our children when they grow up that it is fine to exploit other people? Are we prepared to live with that or have we already forgotten that these things are wrong? Please consider all this in 2021.