Arab Sex – Are They Better Than Muslims?

Do you wonder if is better than How is it that the Koran is allowing for sexual sins such as this? And what about these practices, which are coming under fire now?

Well, there are different interpretations of Islam that allow for the practice of However, many Muslims are making a larger issue out of the practice of Arab sex than they are the practice of slavery, which is very similar to the Arab culture.

The reason for this is because when the Arab slave trade ended, many of these people became Muslim and they could no longer carry the cultural baggage from their past with them and as a result they blame Arab cultures for everything that is wrong in the world today. Arabs made horrible slaves; therefore, they should be punished for it!

And that’s the problem with the ideology that views Arabs as less than human. These people will try to take credit for every negative thing that is happening today and try to label as evil, acts and religions which have nothing to do with their religion. This mentality is a huge problem and something that need to be addressed.

Is Arab sex worse than No.

Sex between a man and a woman is allowed in Islam. The question is why is it okay for men to get sex from men, but not okay for women to get sex from men?

Why is it acceptable for men to perform sex on other men? The answer is that there are things like pre-marital and extramarital sex that are unacceptable and those things are done behind closed doors, so it’s not acceptable in Islam.

Sex is best left to the two people involved in the act. Arab culture makes this notion clear. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) never forced anyone to have sex with him, so it should be the same for Muslims.

But that doesn’t mean that all sex between two people from the Middle East is bad or that their culture is poor, just as white-collar crimes aren’t bad. In fact, some white-collar crimes can be quite similar to non-white-collar crimes.

In the end, both these sexual sin and slavery can go together and act as one to lead society down a downward spiral. We should be mindful of the dangers of our past and continue to progress and change.

In the end, we should focus on what we have learned from the Arabs and adapt them to our society as we move forward. We must not condemn the past of a people just because it isn’t the same as our past.

I personally believe that Arab sex and slavery are in many ways similar, but not the same, and it would be nice to have Arabs get off the hook from the genocide that they have done in the past. However, it isn’t fair to judge their way of life for the past and it isn’t fair to cast aspersions on the Arab culture based on the horrible aspects of the past.