Arab Women and the Battle Against Arab Hijab Sex Prejudice

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Arab Women and the Battle Against Arab Prejudice

Arab Women and Arab hijab Sex Prejudice is a problem that is alive and well in our Western World. This article intends to shed light on this very problematic subject. Many men are not comfortable with their wives having premarital sex. This could be because of religious beliefs or it could be because of gender roles or norms that society expects of them. Whatever the reason, it is important for both men and women to come together in solidarity against such prejudice and help to raise the bar so that the future of everyone can be reached. It is no longer acceptable for a woman to be forced into marrying someone before she is ready or even asked for it.

Many men are also not comfortable with Arab women dating outside of their race or religion. This issue has been highlighted recently in the news and many events have been held to answer this dilemma. The lack of acceptance for premarital sex amongst Arab men is at an all-time high and shows little sign of letting up. Many men feel as though they have been forced into cohabitation with an Arab woman against their will and this is why there is such a problem in the Arab world. However, by coming together in solidarity against Arab hijab sex prejudice, we can help to pave the way towards acceptance of women within their own communities.

There are many stories from Arab countries and the Middle East about women who have been subjected to genital mutilation and other abuses. Women and girls are not taken seriously in their societies and are often treated as sexual objects. The media and western society in general do not portray women in a positive light and this is what has to change if the issues are to be tackled effectively. The Arab world must start to see women as individuals and not just as someone to be cherished and loved. By standing up and fighting against any form of discrimination faced by Arab women, we can give them a fighting chance.

Many men who do not practice the Islamic Sharia laws do not experience any form of gender discrimination. They are allowed to marry any woman they wish irrespective of her religion or background, and they have the same right to live with and care for their partner as anyone else. Yet, the same cannot be said for Arab women. Arab women are routinely subjected to physical and verbal abuse on a daily basis and are denied the rights and freedoms that every woman living in the west enjoys.

Lack of education and lack of employment opportunities are the leading causes of this type of abuse. The sad reality is that many young Arab girls are married before the age of 18 and are unable to leave their homes and pursue an education of their own. This leaves them with no other choice but to accept an abusive marriage. The situation is even worse for women who belong to a minority community. Minority women face even greater discrimination and some women have become so emotionally and mentally scarred that they simply cannot continue to live with such a lifestyle.

Not all men are abusers. There are some enlightened men among whom Arab women are lucky to find love. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of men who see Arab women as the weaker sex, despite the fact that women have equal rights to men. Such men exploit Arab women by subjecting them to physical and verbal abuse. In some cases they even resort to marital rape. The Arab Human Rights Movement has demanded the arrest of such abusers and called for husbands to take strict measures to prevent violence against Arab women.

Despite all these issues, the vast majority of Arab women living in the west will continue to receive the death knell for being infected with the ‘sex prejudice virus’. But unfortunately, there is little one can do about it. This is because the only way to eradicate sex prejudice is to remove the prejudice from the hearts of people. That’s a tricky thing to achieve and I doubt that it has been tried. No political party or religious leader wants to alienate their followers and most of them are reluctant to commit such a sacrilege.

As a result, most of the Arab community is left to its own devices. Arab women can fight the battle against Arabophobia by making themselves more attractive than the men who abuse them. This includes dressing well, using makeup and choosing hair styles that are not Islamic-specific. Muslim women should also ensure that they respect the culture of the men they are attracted to, so that they don’t fall into the hands of men who use Islamic law to settle their disputes. Arab women can win the war against Arabophobia by standing up to those who judge them by their race.