On the Pre–Raphaelites: Then and Now 2

by Terri Windling The Pre–Raphaelite movement began as the Pre–Raphaelite Brotherhood in 19th–century England — seven young artists protesting against the confining ideals of High Victorian art, as well as the strict, rote methods of painting they were required to learn at London’s Royal Academy.They disparaged all Academic art as "slosh" and referred to the […]


by Mario Milosevic The giant strides out of the canyon where they live and tells me she wants a tattoo of her sweetheart’s name on her shoulder. She stretches out on the grass while I assemble my equipment: ladder needles ink pot pump rags and straw hat for my head. I have needled many giants […]

Pamela Dean’s The Secret Country and Authorial Creation (Continued)

by Eve Sweetser (Art by Alan Lee) Imaginative Creation is also never creation from nothing. It always starts out with the materials at hand, which may be many and rich. Children’s play games draw on all the stories they hear, as well as the events around them. Tolkien made full use of Northern European mythological […]

The Monkey Girl

by Midori Snyder Illustration by Edmund Dulac When I was a girl reading fairy tales, I appreciated those courageous maidens tromping off in iron shoes or flying on the back of the west wind to find their future husbands where they, imprisoned by trolls or cannibal mothers, waited to be rescued. I admired those young […]