Can a Muslim Girl Get Addicted to Pornography?

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Can a Muslim Girl Get Addicted to Pornography?

Is a porn addict Muslim girl considered by her religion to be a slut? Is she not allowed to partake in internet pornography because it goes against the principles of Islam? This is a question that always arises when a woman comes forward to discuss the issues of being a porn addict. Many women feel that discussing or even accepting the fact that they are addicted to pornography is a sin in their religion. They feel that it goes against the modesty and honor that their religion is known for. They would be viewed as having brought dishonor upon themselves, and they are not to be treated with any sort of leniency.

Not only do Muslim women feel the need to defend their religion, but they also need to defend themselves from the attacks of other women. This is why there are so many women in Muslim societies who are taken advantage of by men who are involved with porn. The first step to recovery is to be aware that such an act is wrong. Women should not feel obligated to keep silent about this addiction, and they should make every effort to report anyone that they come to engage in such behaviors.

Islam does not approve of porn by any means. It is actually against the teachings of Islam. One of the main points of Islam is that sex is supposed to be for reproduction, and that ejaculation is a function of the body only. Pornography, however, causes women to view themselves as objects, rather than full people. It degrades a woman’s value and respect, and it destroys the self-esteem she has.

Muslim girls are pressured into taking part in online porn by their conservative families. Some families refuse to let the girls watch porn movies online, and some demand that they delete all trace of porn from their computers. Such pressures are so great that most women have concluded that the only way to escape such pressures is to engage in online pornography. Even those girls who are not particularly interested in pornography find the idea of giving in very appealing.

Online porn is also very easy for young girls to access. A search engine will reveal hundreds of websites dedicated to the subject. Muslim girls are especially vulnerable because of the limited knowledge of most young people, both offline and online. The internet is also a perfect forum to discuss pornography, and online forums are particularly popular for this.

Girls can also use chat rooms on websites dedicated to the subject to discuss their experiences with their peers. They can also post their photographs, or their personal ads. This is beneficial because young women are not sure what to think of their looks, and they need some kind of support from other girls. They can also learn about other types of porn, such as anal sex, which is new to them and can be very interesting and fun.

Sometimes a girl becomes addicted to internet pornography because of her workplace. This can lead to serious issues at work, and she may get fired from her job if discovered. This means that she cannot use her own money to pay for internet usage anymore, and she will resort to this addiction. If a girl is working in an office where she is sexually harassed or even assaulted by her boss, then it is easy for her to become a porn addict.

A Muslim girl may also be exposed to different forms of pornographic material during online free chat rooms. Sometimes a woman will make a profile in an online chat room, and all of the members of the site may know about her. Then she is exposed to sexually explicit conversations with men who do not really belong to her, and this is often harmless. However, if she does not respect the boundaries set in the chat room, then she can easily become a porn addict. So, as a parent, you should ensure that your daughter does not expose herself to porn at internet cafes, in chat rooms, or anywhere else.