Journal of Mythic Arts — Winter 2007 Issue — Endicott Studio

Editors: Terri Windling
and Midori Snyder
Book Reviewers: Jamie Bluth,
Kathleen Chen,Elizabeth Genco, and
Helen Pilinovsky
Copy editing: Jamie Bluth

Laughing Earth by Mark Wagner
Mad Hatter and Hare by Iain McCaig
Crows, Vintage postcard
Humor by Mark Wagner
Coyote Photo by Cy La Tour
Pulcinella in Love by Giandominco Tiepolo

Letter from the Editor’s Desk
“Welcome to our Winter Issue, dedicated to Tricksters dark and bright . . .”

The Reading Room: Articles

by Terri Windling
“It is Trickster’s role to shake things up, to transgress traditional boundaries . . .”

The Owlglass & the Moon of Gold:
Tyll Eulenspiegel & Kim Seon–dal

by Heinz Insu Fenkl
“It was not long before I began to notice parallels between the Korean and German tales . . .”

The Reading Room: Fiction

Coyote Goes to College
by Gregory Frost
“There was always trouble when Coyote was ignored. . . .”

Uncle Tompa Tales
retold by Rinjing Dorje
“As soon as her mother heard the impossible story of Uncle’s trick, she yelled, ‘No! No!.’ . .”

The Writing Room

Ted Hughes and Crow
by Ann Skea
“Crow comes complete with all the mythological and folk–loric accretions which crows have gathered through their long existence . . .”

The Gallery

Inner Seasons
The Mythic Art of Virginia Lee

Traveling the Wilds
Drawings by Oliver Hunter

Marionettes and Clowns
A visit to the studio of dollmaker Chandra Cerchione–Peltier

The Crossroads: Mixed Media

A Chorus of Clowns
by Midori Snyder
“It is easy to imagine Groucho with satyr’s hooves or Harpo in the mask of an ancient Fool. . . .”

The Coffeehouse: Poetry

Yip, Yip, Yip
by Mario Milosevic

Why She Howls
by Kij Johnson

Coyote Builds a House
by Carolyn Dunn

Four Black Birds
by Munro Sickafoose

The Dancing Manatee
by Margarita Engle

Monkey Posing
by Joseph Stanton

The Poet Hare in Mid–Air
by Joseph Stanton

Wile E. Coyote’s Lament
by Larry Fontenot

by Nathalie F. Anderson

From the Archives:
Trickster Tales

The Secret Alchemy of Dr. Seuss
by Heinz Insu Fenkl

The Sacred and Profane of
Spanish Carnaval

by Alan Weisman

The Symbolism of Rabbits
and Hares

by Terri Windling

by Carrie Miner

Falling: A Memoir in Nature
by Kim Antieau

a poem by Charles de Lint

Coyote and Pele
Coyote Tears
Outfoxing Coyote
poems by Carolyn Dunn

Why Coyote Laughs
a poem by Taiko Haessler

Coyote and the White Folks
a poem by Bill Lewis

When Raven Sang
a poem by Jane Yolen