Bringing Myth to Life

Sculptures by Wendy Froud

Wendy Froud has gained an international following for art inspired by mythology, folklore, and the numinous world of nature. She is best known as a doll artist and designer of puppets for film and televisionbut in this exhibition we present the artists’ lesser known sculptural work. Some of the sculptures on these pages were created for the Mythic Gardens exhibitions in Devon, England — an annual event featuring outdoor sculpture in the enchanted setting of a birch and alder arboretum.

Wendy Froud

"The figures here were inspired by stag–men and deer–women legends found in cultures all around the world," says Wendy, "such as the horned god Cernunos in Celtic myth. The Greenwood Masks were inspired by reading Robert Holdstock’s novel Mythago Wood, and by the mysterious Green Man faces found in country churches all over Devon.There’s also a little bit of Puck in one the masks — not only the Puck of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but also the mischievous Robin Goodfellow on whom Shakespeare’s Puck is based. I made a group of Birch Tree Fairies too for one of the Mythic Garden exhibitions, but sadly they were stolen! After that terrible experience, I concentrated on sculpturesthat weren’t so easy to walk away with."