The Spirit of the Land: Desert Paintings by Mark Wagner

In keeping with our theme this month of "myths from the American Southwest," we’re very pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Mark Wagner. Mark is one of the contemporary artists I admire most — not only for the power, beauty,and abundance of the paintings crowding his studio, but also for the way he approaches every aspect of life as a form of art. Mark hails from Pennsylvania, studied in New York, and now lives in northern California, but he’s also spent a great deal of time in the deserts of Californiaand New Mexico — scaling mountain cliffs, questing for visions, painting, drawing, drumming, dreaming, and listening to the ancient stories shaped by the dry desert winds. I can think of no better guide for a spirit-filled journey down long desert roads  . . .via art rooted in the songs, myths,and ceremonies of a sacred landscape.

Terri Windling

To begin your desert journey, please follow this path to Mark Wagner’s paintings.