Vision and Dream: The Art of Marja Lee Kruÿt 4

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Mybackground in fashion illustration is probably evident in my paintings,as well as my love of harps and music. I also like to paint children,representing that childlike part of each of us. And fairies. Living onDartmoor, fairies are bound to turn up in the pictures! I have alwaysloved the Victorian ‘fairy painters’ such as Arthur Rackham and EdmundDulac, as well as the Pre-Raphaelites. But the artists who have probablyinfluenced me the most are Klimt, and Sulamith Wülfing, and the Renaissancepainters Botticelli and Benezzo (particularly his angels). Wülfing,in particular, was an artist who also worked on a soul level. She drewangels even when she was a little girl, and often talked about her angelsand guides. She was influenced by Krishnamurti, the White Brotherhood,and the Theosophical Society. She was a mystic, really, and expressedher mysticism in her art. I think there are things that we can expressin art, in pictures, and symbols, that aren’t always so easy to expressin words. Pictures can speak directly to the soul. Wülfing’s bestpictures do this, as do some of the great religious pictures from theRenaissance. I think art can be healing, moving. It can startle you, oreven upset you. Sometimes that’s a good thing, it wakes you up. When youlive with a picture, keep looking at a picture, it can move you from oneway of thinking to another, from one level of consciousness to the next.I like pictures that make you keep on looking, that reveal themselvesand their meanings slowly. That keep on giving you more, and a littlemore, every time you look."