Egypt Hymn – The Right to Enjoy Sexual Freedom

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Egypt Hymn – The Right to Enjoy Sexual Freedom

Egypt is a country with a big Muslim population. It has been under a long-standing agreement to keep the Muslim women away from Western influences and thus, have maintained its conservative outlook on sexuality. However, recently Egypt has allowed women the right to wear an Islamic headscarf (known as an Egypt hijab) in private. This is very significant because it forms a fundamental element of gender equality, which is prohibited in Islam. Moreover, this kind of freedom for Egyptian women to choose their own clothing, make an informed decision and work independently have created a sensation in international media.

The first step in understanding the essence of this kind of freedom for Egyptian women is to understand the nature of Islam, which preaches modesty and sexual chastity. According to religious authorities, any sexual contact outside marriage is considered to be adultery and thus, a woman is not permitted to bear a child under the age of nine. Moreover, being a Muslim woman, it is considered right for a Muslim woman to stay away from her husband and relatives to have sexual intercourse.

Nowadays, many people find it difficult to comprehend the essence of Islam’s teachings on modesty and chastity. They find it hard to accept that their religion requires them to remain away from their family, friends and colleagues to have sexual relations. It also becomes difficult to accept that their religion demands that they remain a virgin until the age of death. Religious authorities in Egypt have always rejected the notion of the veil as an indicator of female sexual immorality. To them, the use of a scarf to conceal the face is not representative of women’s liberation or women’s rights.

However, there are many women who dare to break free of the religious constraints and wear an Islamic headscarf, which has now become known as the Egypt hijab. They argue that these kinds of head scarves have nothing to do with Muslim culture or religion but are a fashion statement. They point out that they have the right to choose the clothes that they wear and the way they look. While some regard it as a symbol of dedication to religion, others welcome it as a symbol of women’s empowerment. This article seeks to answer the question “what is the Egypt Hymn? “.

The history of Islam goes far back to the seventh century. In this period, Islam made great gains and spread across the lands, especially Africa. The Arab slave trade played an important role in the rise of Islam and brought many women and girls to the side of Islam. These women were then treated as sex slaves by the Arab conquerors and were given the choice of remaining with them or free themselves.

Many of them decided to free themselves but they were trapped in different forms of slavery and were forced to live as sex workers. For centuries, these women were subjected to sexual abuse and torture and were treated like sexual objects. However, their struggle for freedom prompted them to form an association that would change the lives of these women and continue to fight for the rights of women in the Muslim world.

Today, many women in the Muslim world are enjoying the right of choice when it comes to marrying and choosing the person who will be the legal owner of their body. They are no longer being held captive by the religious beliefs and norms. This is the reason why many women from different parts of the globe are now wearing the Egypt Hymn. It is a symbol of their freedom and right to choose and enjoy their rights as women.

It is evident from the history of Islam that women are very lucky and fortunate to live in such a land where their sexual and freedom are protected. If it was not for the women of Islam, women all over the world would have been subjected to the brutal torture and rape and murder. Their demands for freedom and rights would not have taken shape and form. They have done it themselves.