Frequently Asked Publishing Questions

Q: Can the Endicott Studio give me feedback on my mythic fiction and poetry?

A: Alas, no; we simply don’t have the staff for this. There is, however, an excellent online workshop for those wishing to work in the genre of fantasy literature at SFF Online Writing Workshop. Professional editors assist in the work, there is a lot of online community support and a market report. We also recommend the Clarion workshops,and The Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop, the Wiscon convention writing workshops, and the Qwerty Ranch writing classes taught in Tucson, Arizona by Will Shetterly and Emma Bull. Shetterly and Bull also offer individual tutorials and manuscript evaluations.

How do I go about getting my work published?

A: There are many good websites where you can find publishing news, information, practical advice, and market reports. Here are a few of them: The Speculative Literature Foundation, The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Scryptic Studios,The Critters Library Page of Writing Resources and Market Report Links, The Market List, Holly Black’s Writers’ Resources Page,Ellen Datlow’s Writing Tips and Patricia Wrede’s Fantasy World Building Page.

Q: Is Terri Windling open to submissions for the various book series and anthologies she edits?

A: Regretfully, no. These anthologies and series are open to submission by invitation only. As a part–time editor who spends much of her time abroad, she’s unable to handle the workload that unsolicited manuscripts would bring.