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“Arab Girls, Your Magic Journeys” by Amna Al-Khatib is a lighthearted tale about two free spirited Arab women living in Dubai. The book chronicles their escapades in and out of their own home country of Islam. It is extremely humorous with a very light touch of sarcasm. It contains excellent recipes, and at times the author even tells you what the dish is called before you have even read the name. It also contains some very beautiful scenes that I really found to be captivating.

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It was published in 2021. I remember reading it when I was living in Germany. I received a copy through an e-mail from the author. She asked that I write a review for her book and asked if I felt the same way about the book. After all, she is a woman and I am a man.

She invited me to come to her house to sample her “unique blend of spices”. We met up and had coffee and then went out to a nice restaurant to eat. While eating, I noted that she was wearing a silk scarf that was incredibly gorgeous. Then she got up to leave and I just kept reading her book while she was walking out of the restaurant.

I cannot say that I enjoyed the book very much. It is mostly interesting, but sometimes too funny. The scenes with the naked chicks were just unnecessary and over the top. The real gems were when she was describing how the food at her hotel was prepared. In one scene, she mentioned how wonderful Dubai was, with all its shiny new buildings. I suppose this is true, as Dubai does have a lot of shiny new buildings.

The author does have a foot fetish. There are several foot scenes in this book. I don’t know if she wrote them as a result of real life or imagined them. I don’t mind a bit, in fact, I kind of like it, but some readers might find the fetishes in some other Arab nations completely repulsive. Still, I did enjoy these scenes, they were hot and happening, they were happening way back then, and they will probably be hot and happening again some day.

The book is chunky, a little dry. I really wanted more pages. The writing style is also a little slow. I wish there was more space between events, maybe a few more typos. Other than that, this book is an exciting read.

Overall, it is a good read. It contains lots of interesting details about the Bedouin tribe of Morocco, their lifestyle, customs, and their sexuality. It’s not a very dry read and some people might find it boring. It’s a quick read, so it should keep you interested. If you are an action lover, this book will keep you on the edge.

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Abu Dhabi Hotel is located in the United Arab Emirates’ capital city of Abu Dhabi. Located on a 90-acre plot of land, the hotel boasts seven million square feet of space. This massive space has been designed by none other than Tom Cruise and James Bond himself, Les Grossman. The hotel has four swimming pools, a health club, a club with a casino, a restaurant, and a spa. It also offers meeting rooms, business centers, and meeting space for conferences and seminars.

The location is perfect for those participating in business meetings and those who wish to have an experience at least once while visiting Abu Dhabi. With an economy class that is low, hotels are quite popular. This makes the hotel one of the best options for a cheap stay for a business trip or family vacation. The rooms are clean, the food is great, and the staff are very helpful. It’s a real gem in the Middle East.

Another Dubai hotel worth mentioning is the Madinat Jumeirah. This hotel is located in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai. Like the Burj Al Arab, it is an opulent structure that offers guests a luxurious experience. This 5 star hotel offers guests gourmet dining, a pool, a spa, and a fitness center. If you want to read a good book, or watch a good movie in the theaters, or play a game of golf, this is the hotel for you.

The list of Dubai hotels doesn’t stop there. If you book your tickets online, or purchase an all-inclusive package, you can get some really great deals. You may be able to save more money than you would if you planned to go with a traditional travel agency. There are so many hotels to choose from, you will certainly be able to find the perfect place for you and your family to stay while on your stay in the United Arab Emirates.