Amazing Star Sharmuta

Muslim porn star sharmuta Star Sharmuta

Sharmuta, the Muslim porn star, uses the role of a submissive sex kitten to seduce men. In her new movie ‘Wild Night’ she plays a married female cop whose husband and kid had been kidnapped. It was Sharmuta’s first ever nude scene in a porn film.

Sharmuta can be found in India. She grew up in Pakistan. As a teenager she got into a relationship with a Hollywood actor. Later when her father died in an accident, she came back to her homeland and wanted to find fame.

After going back to India, she found her niche in porn. Her first scene will be appearing in a new porn flick in Malaysia.

The movie ‘Odyssey’ is a brutal sex flick with a foreign actress as the exotic chick. Sharmuta joins the undercover cop for her thirteenth movie. Sharmuta has been filming hardcore scenes for six years. Her experience as a porn star has helped her learn many things about how to be a more powerful porn actress.

The movie opens with a shootout at a high rise building. The undercover cop shoots at the thieves. An exotic scene is played by a bikini-clad Sharmuta. The cop fights off a robber with a knife.

The cops try to apprehend the thugs they believe are behind the terrorist organization. Sharmuta tries to escape but is overpowered. The thug manages to grab her machine gun and fires at the undercover cop.

The cops get out and find the terrorists trucks waiting for them at a checkpoint. Sharmuta is shot and falls down the street. She is revived by paramedics but the cops make off with her car.

In a normal thriller, she would have been taken to the hospital to recover, but they decide to let her go with the other suspect and run off together. They are tracked through the jungle and come across the dreaded snake. Sharmuta tries to evade the green serpents’ attack and uses her reflexes to Dodge them. She makes it to the truck where the police are waiting.

The cops chase the two women in the truck and use the sting from Sharmuta’s camera to lure them out. When they get to the truck, they find the cops’ weapon is already gone. A surly cop with two guns chasing them. Sharmuta manages to shoot one of the cops.

The police start to arrest the suspects and the camera capture their positions as they take the loot from their victims. Sharmuta was nowhere to be seen in the scene. The other porn actress enters the scene. The cop who was shot in the leg can’t hold on any longer and gets his gun shot away from him.

The gangster jumps in and fires off another round into the cop’s chest. The cop reaches out and grabs his gun only to be shot himself. With a final shot, he dies.

The exotic girl becomes the new sex kitten. The cop is now a warrior for revenge and kills the criminal. She lays on top of him and has sex with him.