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In the real world, Islamic principles and laws are responsible for many other injustices. Are the principles and laws of Islam compatible with human rights? Should Muslims who practice marriage should be forced to get married to someone of the opposite sex or should they be free to choose? These are the questions that Muslims have to ponder if they want to be allowed to practice their religion in a civilized society.

Shariah only allows sexual relations within marriage. A Muslim cannot practice adultery because such a practice is contrary to Shariah principles. What does this mean for Muslim women and the men who wish to marry them?

If a woman is not allowed to get married until she is able to get herself “fixed”married”, how will the men feel if they are faced with such problems in the future? In such a scenario, the men may become so jealous and repressed that they may even start cheating on their wives. The only way these problems can be solved is by converting the women to Islam or by divorcing them from their husbands.

The above scenario is hardly a solution to the problem of sexual harassment, which is a problem which is also related to the Shariah. It is not possible for a woman to be in two places at one time. It is very difficult for her to get fixed as per Islamic standards and yet be married.

It is evident that the problem with the Shariah is that it is not compatible with human rights. In the last century, millions of women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, but Muslim women are the ones who have been legally bound to marry the rapists who gang up on them. It is only a matter of time before Muslim women are sexually abused in the workplace.

There is a massive awareness amongst the Muslims today that the Shariah is not compatible with human rights. This situation is threatening the establishment of Islamic morality on a global scale. It has forced some countries to ban Muslim Shariah marriages or to enact new laws that prevent Muslims from marrying non-Muslims.

This situation has also been the reason behind the uniting of groups of Islamic feminists who have come together under the name “Dhimmi are being forced to marry the oppressors. In fact, it is this realization that prompted the first of this group to call for Islamic reform in the West.

It was in the late nineteenth century that the Islamic concept of Shariah and the human rights movement started to get affected by a common enemy. During this period, the West was going through the Industrial Revolution and in order to achieve economic supremacy, it had to make its workers as productive as possible. Thus, work culture evolved, which was not at all compatible with Islamic teachings.

Some radical Muslim reformers however took on the Western concept of work culture and insisted that Shariah was the only religion which could bring people to join in this culture and help them work more efficiently. It was at this time that Islamic reformists realized that reformers in the West were working towards their religious agenda rather than the goal of human rights.

The Arab conquerors in particular started to accept the Shariah and its laws because they wanted to completely destroy the West. When the Islamic societies started to impose Shariah as the law of the land, they also set a trap for Western secularism and they eventually succeeded in making it their own concept which suited their purposes.

The only way to eradicate this hypocrisy and double standards is to preach the true Islamic message and state that Shariah is not compatible with human rights. Many Muslim women and men who want to become free and take a stand against the hypocrisy of Islam need to read this article.