About the Artist

Ernie Lamar Sandidge Jr. was born in John Gaston Memorial Charity Hospital in Memphis Tennessee, 1966. He lost a twin brother, Lamar, at birth but retains the memory in his name. A child of divorce, he was raised in the mountains of East Tennessee by his single mother Rochelle.An early hunting accident redirected Ernie’s youthful enthusiasms towards classical ballet. Because ballet is generally frowned upon in the mountains of East Tennessee, Ernie was quickly shuffled off to boarding school in Minnesota, where he began his studies at the Minneapolis Children’s Theater.(Ernie’s mother, Rochelle, disagrees with the notion that Ernie was "shuffled off." She wishes the reader to know that young Ernie begged to go to boarding school.)Sadly, Ernie soon discovered that he had no aptitude for dance but he did discover a love for drawing and painting.