Photographs by Stu Jenks Coalmine Canyon, in northern Arizona, is called that because part of its exposed strata is a thin vein of coal. Coalmine is actually a number of canyons falling off from a high mesa, dropping probably a good 800 to 1000 feet to the canyon floor. Its walls are pink, purple and …

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Going Ironside

by Holly Black La lala la. That’s part of the song. I don’t remember it all right now, but it’s okay. Cally remembers the rest. So we can go back to the hill soonsoonsoon. La la.When our bellies are big as moons. Then Bucan Jack will play his fiddle and there’ll be nettle wine and …

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The Red Shoes (Continued)

by Genevieve Valentine That Thursday at the lesson Arciela came in, raised an eyebrow at the shoes. "Well," she said. "Let’s see you stand." I settled my shoulders (ankles together) and shifted my weight to the insteps of my feet. The glitter rasped as my heels came together. Amazing sound. Arciela said after a moment, …

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