Muslim Ass Pervades the World

Muslims have forbidden the pornography and they have been very vocal about it. But that does not mean that Muslims cannot find pleasure in pornographic materials. They can, just the same as Christians or Hindus or any other religions can, and they do. For the same reason.

Muslims do not condemn pornography by the way. Nor are they trying to. Islam, in reality, does not condemn the use of the internet. It may say that pornography is a sin, but it does not forbid it, as it does not say that watching television is a sin either. Islam is in effect saying that we should be decent to each other, and there are a lot of women out there who would love to share their stories, or fantasies with other women through chat rooms.

You see, Allah said this in the Koran, “No people ask you for anything in return except their rights”. We live in a society that is filled with people demanding things of others, or demanding the respect of others, and in exchange they demand something in return.

The same is true of those who complain about Donald Trump, and the way he does not respect women. First of all, there are no women in the United States of America voting for Donald Trump. And you do not get respect from your fellow men if you do not respect them. So no, it is not sexism, and you cannot deny that fact. It’s just the fact of the matter.

You cannot deny that Islam is against sexism, because it is also against perversion, and it is also against transgression. It’s for God’s honor and for the honor of the society, and the society as a whole. You do not get respect from men in a society if you are a filthy little bitch, even if you are a girl.

Pornography is not a crime, at least not a crime against humanity. It is merely entertainment, and most people are not bothered by it. I am sure some of them would be offended if you showed it to them, and they could not see the difference between what you like and what you are showing to them.

Pornography is something that can be watched on the internet, and if Muslims want to watch porn, they can, and they do. Muslims in the west want to be comfortable and they want to show off. They want to be free to choose how they wish to enjoy their lives, and they want to do so without being judged for it.

In the modern world, these kinds of freedoms are hard to come by. And the Muslims in the west are looking for something, something else. They want to be free to choose, and they are not content with the modern world, which is focused on things and desires and has a very short attention span.

While Muslims continue to look for something else, Muslims in the west live in a very comfortable, much more modern western society. They live in a society that is focused on a much longer attention span, and they have never lived in a society that is focused on such things.

If the Islamists really cared about the women in the west, they would not say that they do not condone Muslim ass porn. They would say that they condemn all forms of pornography, and that all women deserve the right to participate in this kind of activity. This is the kind of society they are wanting for us, and it’s the kind of society they should be fighting for.

The Islamic doctrine teaches that a man should not be sexually involved with a woman who is too young, and a woman should not be sexually involved with a man who is too old. That’s the kind of world they want, and they do not care if anyone else opposes it.

So, if the Islamist do not approve of, they should not say that they approve of Muslims should understand that porn is nothing against them, and that it is far from the ideals of their religion.