Muslim Girl in Pornography?

Porn Muslim girl slut

Muslim Girl in Pornography?

This is a question that I have been asking myself for some time now. Why would a Porno Muslim girl talk about her pornography use? Why would she want to brag to her friends about it? And also how could a woman that practices Islam openly talk about her pornography use, when it goes against the stipulated rules and regulations in Islam? These are questions that have been plaguing me for quite some time now.

So a porn Muslim girl slut has called her boyfriend one night and told him that it was going to be her last night out of the week. So he goes to get a taxi and rides around in the back, and when he gets there she starts telling him that it was going to be her last night. So he gets in the taxi and goes to get her home. She walks him to the door and in Arabic tells him to wait outside. So he does just that and now she’s waiting for him outside in the dark with the taxi.

So the next morning the boyfriend comes walking in on her in the middle of the act. She tells her friend who came over to see what all the commotion was about. The friend calls the cops up and the police shows up and they take her away. The boyfriend goes to the police station to file a report that the she is a porn Muslim girl slut.

What is a porn Muslim girl slut, is a question that I wonder about all the time. Does watching porn movies on line make you a sexual addict? What does this say about our marriage and our honor? Does watching porn influence our decision making when it comes to our spouse?

These are all questions that I ask myself and many other people as well. Is all this going against our religion? Our culture? Our morals? How can we live this way and still think that our spouse is always right? Is watching porn a sin and how can we still justify it?

This all started when the so-called liberal Muslim internet censorship law was passed. Porn movies are now blacklisted and some places are banning them from being shown in their movie theatres. Some cities have made agreements with the porn stars that they will not be prosecuted if they display naked genitals in their movies. Yet, at the same time these same cities are allowing men to watch these adult movies with women naked on television.

So, what is happening? Are we sanctioning this type of behavior and making it acceptable for young women to be promiscuous with married men? And if a Muslim girl was to get engaged in this, would her family and community to forgive and trust her again? Many women that are involved in porn are generally breaking up with their marriages and finding new partners to have fun with.

Can we teach our young women to be promiscuous and forget about their obligations to their homes, parents, society, and God? With premarital sex being condemned in Islam, how can we expect our young women to make proper decisions in regards to their own bodies? These are very difficult questions to answer and yet, the effects of porn to Muslim girls are far reaching and this should make us sit up and take notice.

What does this mean for our future generation? How will our children view the world if all Muslim girls are encouraged to marry and enter into marriage without learning and respecting their roles as wives and mothers? Is it not already taking too much of a toll on the family system in the Muslim world? The younger generations of our girls will grow up with no knowledge on their honor and integrity if they continue down this path. We must take action now before it’s too late.

There are many things that could be done to curtail the preying eyes of Muslim men that roam the internet and watching adult films. The young girls of today may feel that it’s no big deal and ignore it, but this is a big mistake. With premarital sex being condemned in the Koran, a girl who doesn’t protect herself from preying Muslim men will only be asking for trouble in her adult life.

Can you imagine how your daughter will feel when she’s grown up and is married to a porn addict? She will live in shame and fear. She won’t enjoy the company of anyone because she’ll think that she is untrustworthy and probably a lesbian. What can we do to prevent this?