Muslim Photo – Forbidden Sex at the End of Hajj

Sex Muslim photo

Muslim Photo – Forbidden Sex at the End of Hajj

In the Islamic religion, sex is considered a form of worship. When sex is viewed as a worship, there is no room for misunderstanding. It is a belief that sex is only permissible during worship or rituals.

When Islam was being established, the prophet of Islam commanded his followers to visit him at the end of the seventh year in order to witness the birth of the Mahdi. This holy person was also called the Bab. The prophet saw that, due to some reason, the men of Madinah were having sexual relations with one another in the mosque. After this incident, the prophet ordered that not only could they not have sexual relations but they must stop doing so immediately.

During the time of the Mahdi Hajj (pilgrimage), sex was permitted. But this did not mean that it was allowed for sex to be performed. It only meant that they were forbidden from it if Hajj was taking place. They were not allowed to engage in sex or sexual acts even when it was not required by Hajj.

During the time of the Prophet’s trip to the heaven, sex was forbidden and was strictly forbidden. This ban is evident in the prayer that he said when he returned home. He forbade them from having sex. But this ban on sex was only seen by his followers.

The reason for the prophet’s ban on sex while the prophet was on the Mahdi Hajj was that he believed that sex when it is done for sexual pleasure will take away one’s self from God. It will reduce him to nothingness.

Because of this, the prophet took his followers to the top of Mount Arafat. There he had a great vision. In this vision, the prophet explained that sex is really forbidden by God.

The prophet then told his followers that if they will not go out and have sex they will be far away from God. Thus the prophet made a powerful statement. That prohibited sexual behavior will greatly reduce the believers’ self-importance.

The religious community became one of the most pressured groups to have sexual activity. This happened because they are seen as a subcategory of the others. Women, who have sexual relationships, will be seen as being sub-human.

However, it was not only during the time of the prophet that sex is not good. In fact, the prophet himself prohibited having sex on all sevens. It is only after Prophet Mohammad died, when the Sharia law made it a legal requirement that men have three children in one sex and women too.

This is a photo taken by an Egyptian photographer in the temple of Luxor. The man’s body is facing the camera. His legs are draped in black cloth which cover his thighs, his arms are folded to the chest and his head is lowered.

This is a photo of a couple of during the time of the Mahdi Hajj in Al Minya. As soon as the photo was taken, they started to have sex.

These images do not come from an Islamic website. They are pictures that are only accessible to Muslims.