Muslim Pornography – Is Muslim pork forbidden in Islam?

For a long time in the western world, Muslim pornography was always considered to be unacceptable. However, in recent years, there has been a gradual acceptance of this form of entertainment, especially among the younger generation. While there have always been some conservative Muslim people opposed to adult content, it is now a widespread practice. So what are the reasons behind the increasing acceptance and tolerance for Muslim pornography?

Muslim porn video

The answer lies partly with ‘western’ attitudes towards sex. Because Muslim marriage is very traditional and involves a long period of counseling before it is consummated, it is important that people feel they can discuss sexual matters freely without fear of ridicule. This is why adult Muslim pornography has flourished. In a traditional Islamic marriage, there is no room for physical intimacy but there is a lot of talking and sharing of emotions and ideas which is the basis for marital sex.

So the advent of’pornographic materials’ as ‘entertainment’ has been created within a context where ‘naughty’ is linked to ‘rousal’. This is not always a conscious decision on the part of the couple. Sometimes it is not even possible for someone to decide not to have sexual relations until they are at the age of puberty. So it is not surprising that there is an increasing amount of young people who view porn on their laptops and mobile phones, when there is no ‘free’ option for them to view it in the privacy of their own home.

There are other factors too which make ‘pornography’ even more acceptable in the Muslim community. In conservative countries such as Islam, sex outside marriage is considered to be ‘unnatural’ and is even punishable by death. This means that even in the Muslim world, Muslim women are generally more ‘public’ than their western counterparts and are therefore expected to be sexually active. They are also more likely to be involved in online sexual activity and, given the social significance of marriage in their culture, it is little wonder that they view pornography as a normal part of their everyday lives.

What is worrying about Muslim pornography is that, in places where internet censorship is tight, it has managed to creep into even the areas where it is not forbidden. This means that Muslim communities are now being forced to view this form of sexual expression in ways they would not normally do so. This could be dangerous for young and inexperienced members of the Muslim community, especially those who are still trying to establish their moral boundaries. Worse, it could also cause serious problems in marriages where the husband is not clear on his intentions and does not want the wife to view pornographic material.

There are many ways in which can be accessed online. The most obvious way is through live streaming video sites, but even this is risky for those who are unwilling to adhere to strict Islamic principles and view things with moral perspective. This form of porn is often produced in a very covert manner. The scenes are often shot in hotels, private quarters and on movie sets. They then upload the videos to sites which allow internet users to access them directly or via a search engine.

This form of is often more hardcore than normal pornography, even though it may still involve some ‘undercover’ shots. For example, some include ‘rape’, ‘nudity’ and ‘interrogation’. Some also show people being forced to perform sex acts or being made to engage in explicit sexual acts. Others show scenes of a more graphic nature, including one where the woman has been strangled and then put to sleep.

As you can see, Muslim porn is no laughing matter. It is not appropriate for the moderate Muslim community and even those who would usually support its views cannot seem to get a hold of it. In such a situation, one would expect reformers like the Egyptian ulama to step in to condemn such behaviour. Unfortunately, the reaction from them has been minimal at best and they have even gone as far as banning Muslim pornography completely in Egypt.