Muslim Sex Web – Allowed by Terms and Conditions, But Not Your Normal Chat Room, a website that offers free membership to members and other sexually oriented activities, has been found guilty of a number of sexual spamming activities. is not a pornographic website but has many pornographic games that are directly linked to this content.

Muslim sex webcom

Muslim Sex’s terms and conditions and policies are stated clearly on their site. “The webmasters reserve the right to remove any post at any time. If you are suspicious of a blog posting, email it to”

A very thin and unprofessional sign up form was present, stating that users could not access pornographic content. This is a clear violation of the user agreement by Muslim Sex, because the content on the site does not come from any porn websites but is completely free.

The request for verification of email address was directed to, so that Muslim Sex could report back to the webmaster about the allegations against the website. There is nothing wrong with requesting for verification. In fact, it is normal and standard in order to keep accounts and check out the privacy of the clients.

It is possible that the webmaster was not aware of the company that was sending him malicious persons and viruses. It is very hard to identify this type of spyware; therefore, it is advisable to use a spyware scanner before opening any attachment. The entire dispute is still pending in the courts.

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing how many innocent people are getting into this website. The problem is not Islamic or international, but rather racial.

Manymore Muslims joins this website which creates a serious security risk for all other websites. Muslims have been the victims of internet scams, so it is very unfortunate that these people are being used to perpetrate this type of fraud.

It would be very irresponsible for a website to close itself off from the general public. There is no way to fully control the content of the website, and there are all sorts of sites that offer similar services.

Muslim Sex has also been proven to be connected to illegal sexual activity and potential for sexually transmitted diseases. Muslim Sex knows they have made a mistake and they are trying to compensate the victim for his or her feelings of discomfort.

Social engineering is not only about getting information out of people. It is about deceiving people and taking advantage of them and this is what Muslim Sex has done.

Many customers have complained about the negative aspects of the website. One person who was offended by this website said that he feels he has been socially engineered by Muslim Sex, as he was lied to about the site and his personal safety was threatened.

Another man who was offended by the offensive advertisements made by the website said that he was harassed and worried by messages appearing on his computer screen. In addition, it appears that Muslim Sex must pay hundreds of dollars to the law firm for their legitimate claims.