Muslims and the moral fiber of America

Muslims and the moral fiber of America have been the subject of much discussion in recent months. While most Americans do not understand Islam, they are all concerned about the right of free speech and free religion. The Internet is loaded with anti-Muslim images, which is disturbing for many.

Muslim rebel porn free

In an article in the Huffington Post, Bob Greene pointed out the dangers that come with thinking that terrorists will stop if there is an attempt to build a fence or watch a military base or naval vessel. He points out that this is a classic case of denial. Yet, this is the approach that most of the world has taken and it could lead to trouble.

In the USA, free speech does not extend to those who disagree with the government. For example, many Muslim groups can be found at local mosques. They can be found discussing issues concerning Islam and radicalization. Some are even involved in protest activities.

There are also Muslim religious extremists who take it upon themselves to stop the spread of political correctness in the USA by kidnapping and killing other innocent people. It would be nice if the United States government did its best to ensure that Muslim groups are kept off our streets and that they are treated with dignity.

However, it does not follow that anyone who comes from Muslim backgrounds or who takes on Islamic teachings that he or she can get involved in Muslim rebel porn. While the practice may be distasteful, it is not a free speech issue.

We seem to have crossed a red line with regard to our acceptance of the Islamic viewpoint. Any attempt to reform any aspect of Islamic law must be approved by the government. That means we will be stuck with the way things are.

In the past, political correctness has not reached the point where it can drive people to act out violently. Nevertheless, the governments of the world do not like it when a nation tries to make changes to the way things are done. It is one thing to accept new laws, but you have to change the way things are done to implement them.

Of course, the majority of citizens in the United States are not Muslim, but we are not a democratic nation. It seems to me that we will continue to have these problems, because we do not respect any Islamic beliefs. We think the status quo is the only acceptable one.

We seem to want to ignore the fact that the people who are turning to the Internet are not going to stop posting pornography if the laws are changed to restrict free speech. They are not willing to wait for the politicians in Washington, D.C. to do something about this.

Indeed, they seem to have a clear idea that they can continue to rebel porn if the laws are changed. One has to wonder if they are mentally unstable. We have had Muslim terrorist activities going on for decades, and yet no politician has proposed a law to prohibit them from doing so.

However, perhaps this is because the other side of the equation has hijacked the debate and has declared war on free speech. They believe they are entitled to live their lives how they choose. Indeed, they would have us live in a police state, where anyone can express anything they wish.

I am not advocating taking away the freedom of speech of anyone, but the sad reality is that they are ready to overthrow the United States if they feel it is necessary to rebel porn. In my opinion, it is time for the citizens of the world to step back and reevaluate the position that the United States is now taking.