Muslims Take Notice: Pornography is Part of the Islamic Religion and Offends Allah

A recent case study involving the Islamic State (IS) terror group has made it possible for those in the business of watching adult videos to find out that videos are now freely available on the Internet. While much is being said about the rise of Islamic State-like terrorist groups, it has to be said that websites appear to be thriving.

In addition to the growth of Islamist terrorist groups, there is also an increase in the number of adult sites that feature non-pornographic videos that may also be viewed by Muslims. With advances in satellite Internet and high-speed Internet connections, it is possible for Muslims in certain countries to access these sites without any form of restriction. It can be said that this constitutes a burgeoning industry.

Muslims in these countries have the right to access porn videos without any restrictions. The growth of Muslim pornography is a growing trend that poses a threat to religious sensitivities as well as the norms that have been placed on relationships and sex. As more people come in contact with porn, it raises the risks of sexual diseases, misuse of sexual power and even non-consensual sex.

The rise of Muslim porn video websites is a direct result of the growth of online porn production companies. According to recent estimates, the United States alone is facing a shortfall of more than 100 porn sites on the Internet.

Considering the number of pornographic websites, there are many who argue that porn video websites are not really a threat to Islamic sensitivities. However, there are others who believe that such websites are hindering Muslim youth from going for quality education that can lead them to a fulfilling life.

Videos can be watched from anywhere and at any time, in the privacy of one’s home. In other words, it offers Muslims the chance to watch porn without facing embarrassment.

The proliferation of pornography on the Internet is also making it difficult for Muslims to acquire correct information about the world. They end up falling prey to false ideas or vague rumors about the world and in this way become victims of myths and rumors.

This could have serious consequences on a person’s worldview. It could affect their views of other religions and their own beliefs and cause them to reject some or all of the major faiths.

If Muslims continue to fall prey to wrong impressions on the nature of Islam, they may eventually lose their faith and convert to another religion. On the other hand, if Muslims adhere to incorrect views, they may try to convert their neighbors and relatives to Islam, which would be a disastrous move.

At a time when Islamic extremists are making sensationalist claims about an attack against the US president and the White House, the security of the United States is in peril and the lives of American citizens are in danger, it is important that Muslims in the United States make it a point to get educated about Islam. While talking to other Muslims on the Internet, it would be ideal to discuss the religion and if possible try to educate them on the correct way of thinking.

To address this growing problem, the US government and other organizations like the United Nations should be making efforts to ban Islamic pornography from the Internet. It is equally important that Muslim leaders to talk to their fellow Muslims and explain the issue of Muslim porn video and help them understand the issues at stake.

By adopting a religious angle, they can make it clear to Muslims that porn viewing is not in line with Islamic values and is a violation of religious norms. It is also important that Muslims take steps to educate their children on the right ways of using the Internet and the consequences of violating religious norms and cultural beliefs.