JoMA Archives: Nonfiction : Death and Return in the Myth of Demeter and Persephone V by Kathi Carlson

“Demeter” by Jean–Francois Millet At this point in the myth, Demeter takes action. Mildness and tenderness, the usual attributes of this basically benevolent goddess, give way to rage and grief written large in an act of protest. As one of my colleagues once put it succinctly, her position becomes: “Nobody eats!”(25) Nor do the gods […]

Briar Rose

by Kim Antieau She opened her eyes to white and realized she knew nothing. The nurse was white, too. "Good morning, sugar," the nurse said. "Do you know who you are?" She shook her head and wondered where the window was. Maybe if she saw the sunlight, maybe if she saw the world really existed, […]

Donkeyskin, Deerskin, Allerleirauh (Continued)

by Helen Pilinovsky One way in which modern authors try to achieve the goal of using fairy tales for their original purpose of teaching through example is by reworking familiar subject matter in a more realistic mold suitable to a more open society, dealing with the societal circumstances that allow such events to take place, […]

A Few Things About Ants

by Jeffrey Ford Tonight, on the drive home from work, it was raining like mad. Torrential rain, so that the wipers were on high and everything in the dark world beyond the windshield was severely warped. I’d hit these giant puddles I couldn’t see on the side of my lane.They’d throw a momentary curtain of […]

On Myth and Writing

by Terri Windling artwork by Oliver Hunter "Tell the truth but tell it slant."— advice to writers from Emily Dickinson The act of creation, it has always seemed to me, is one of the great magics of our world . . .an ancient magic, guarded by the gods, blessed (and coveted) by the fairies. In mythic cosmologies found […]


by Elizabeth Genco Fire is my friend, and it has been this way for as long as I can remember. Everyone said that my mom had fire in her, and that she passed a little of that fire on to me. Even my dad, when he said anything to me at all. So after the […]


by Nan Fry Pear, you hang from your tree like a teardrop grown solid, like snow with a freckled skin. When the handless maiden came to you in moonlight, hungry, she stretched up and took you into her mouth. Her father had sold her to the devil and lopped off her hands, but you bent […]

Fairy Tale Theatre (Continued) 5

by Howard Gayton Thursday, 17th November Today did not start well. One of the actresses was very late and had not phoned to let us know. Having had cause to talk with the cast two days before on respect for punctuality, I decided that the rest of us would wait, standing in circle, until she […]

The Mage of Muse Hill: The Magical World of Oliver Hunter

In 2003, an Australian artist named Oliver Hunter contacted me for permission to create a handmade book titled The Spine Witch, inspired by a fictional book created by a character in my novel The Wood Wife. Permission was duly given, and I was subsequently charmed and enchanted by the finished object when Oliver’s project was […]

The Tale of the Mountain King and His Sky Bride

by O.R. Melling Imdha toir torudh abla,Imdha airne cen cesa,Imdha dairbre ardmhesa. Plentiful in the east the apple fruits,Plentiful the luxuriant sloes,Plentiful the noble acorn–bearing oaks. Fado, fado Once upon a time, long, long ago. . . . . .there was a Mountain Kingdom that curved like a chain on the blue throat of the sea. It was a […]