Inner SeasonsThe Mythic Art of Virginia Lee

Virginia works in a variety of media: pencil, charcoal, pastel, oil paints,clay, plaster, fimo, and other materials. Her sculptures, like herpaintings and drawings, are magical, surrealistic, and unique, revealing a slyhumor as the artist presents familiar folklore figures in unexpectednew forms: a mermaid eyes a frog with frank suspicion; a swan cranesher feathered neck to […]

Rose and Thorn:The Art of Thomas Canty (Continued)

by Terri Windling "The Mask" In the mid–Eighties, Tom began to work out of a loft in New York City. Despite the bucolic imagery he was creating he was very much an urban man, fond of roaming the city streets for distraction and inspiration. He had a penchant for old diners and cafes tucked into […]

Fairies in Legend, Lore, and Literature (Continued) 2

by Terri Windling In his famous poem "The Horns of Elfland," Tennyson wrote that even the echoes of elfin bugles are growing faint and dying away, as the fairies disappear from the woods and fields, chased away by modern life. This was a favorite theme of the Victorians, who believed that the fairies were taking […]

Su Tolkien e le Fiabe

di Terri Windling "The Mirror of Galadriel" di Alan Lee, ©1991 "Il mio proposito и di parlare delle fiabe." Con queste parole inizia un famoso saggio di J. R. R. Tolkien; ed io non posso far altro che ripetere le parole del buon professore oggi. Ho intenzione di parlare di fiabe, del perchй queste fossero […]


by Joseph Stanton This forest heavy with dark humor frames direst need into a candied home, whispering lies of taffied architecture, a sweetmeat trap for the lost or abandoned. An oven is a place to warm the heart for hags who favor giblets with their meals. This witch loves to devour every part. She likes […]

The Mountain King and His Sky Bride (Continued)

by O.R Melling It happened in the early summer, when the hawthorn boughs were laden with white blossoms like brides, and the sun had melted the last snows in the lee of the mountains. On that soft bright morning, the fairy Queen of Wicklow went a–maying with her ladies.Eastward they journeyed, into the rising sun, […]

Madness, Shapechanging, and Art (Continued)

by Niko Silvester with art by Brian Froud Besides being solitary and dreamy, a shaman sometimes "becomes violent and easily loses consciousness, takes refuge in the forests, feeds upon the bark of trees, throws himself into the water or the fire or wounds himself with knives" (75).In the words of Stephen Larsen, a shaman is […]

How Cáer Came Into Being

by Patrick Cotter This aeon of which we speak littered newly with drumlins and moraines: the after–gutturals of glacial dishevelment, trees spread themselves over it like filaments of mould over a fermenting apple: this is the godly harvest that is Eriu. But if you are a god, sconce minutely between the leaves, revealed there running […]

A Short Encyclopedia of Lunar Seas

by Ekaterina Sedia 1. The Moscow Sea (Mare Moscoviense) Moscow is one of the most landlocked cities on Earth, but whatever disappears from it ends up in the Moscow Sea. The local inhabitants see a certain irony in that, and celebrate every new arrival. They cheered when the churches burned by Napoleon appeared and stood […]

Fire and The Fire Bringer (Continued) 2

Agni photograph by Ashok Khosla and Susan Bodenlos 3. Fire Gods and Fire Bringers Fire gods and goddesses are deeply-rooted in all ancient cultures, and their manifestations are quite diverse, but they all seem to share the quality of being associated with a form of wisdom beyond human understanding. The Hindu god of fire, Agni, […]