The Mythic Art of Mark Wagner

by Terri Windling "There is a romantic idea that myth comes from the people," writes the great mythologist Joseph Campbell. "Itdoesn’t; it comes from the teacher, the shaman and visionary as the giver and interpreter of myth. The visionary translates what he sees into an artor ritual form. Myth must be kept alive. The people […]

Inner SeasonsThe Mythic Art of Virginia Lee 3

Virginia Lee is an young English artist whose work is rich withsymbolism drawn from myth, folklore and fairy tales, exploring theways these symbols can be used to express themes of transformation.Her paintings and drawings of animal–women, tree–women, anddream–haunted young girls depict the deep connections betweenwomen’s lives and nature’s cycles. Such visions come from thewilderness — […]

Why Coyote Laughs

by Taiko Haessler Backwards green sweat Beads up and spikes the air Of the crisp desert. A paw print fills with Hollow sound, the Call that once accompanied it. Woven landscape of Barbs and wire. Cross-thatch gravel sand dirt mountain rock, A tapestry of musk-marked territory and parch-throat howls, rough and grit-spit. Insert now a […]

The Heart’s Desire:The Art of Jeanie Tomanek

Some people find their creative passion early in life, while for others it comes slowly, revealing itself only over time as their lives unfold. In our youth–obsessed culture, it can be disquieting for those whose Muse requires maturity — and yet sometimes an artist’s vision is so remarkable and unique that it seems to need […]

J.M Barrie and Peter Pan (Continued) 4

Arthur Rackham illustration for Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens Barrie obliged his parents by completing his degree, but returned home still determined to be a writer, landing a job with the Nottingham Journal and sending submissions off to the London papers. The St. James Gazette began to publish Barrie’s stories of Scotland in his mother’s […]

Fairies in Legend, Lore, and Literature (Continued)

by Terri Windling During the middle years of the 20th century, the fairies seemed to go underground, rarely leaving the Twilight Realm to interact with the world of men — except to appear in sugar–sweet guise in children’s books and Disney cartoons. One could find them if one looked hard enough — in Ireland, for […]

Inner SeasonsThe Mythic Art of Virginia Lee 2

"Human language arose not only as a means of attunement between persons, but also between ourselves and the animate landscape. The belief that speech is a purely human property was entirely alien to those oral communities that first evolved our various ways of speaking, and by holding to such a belief today we may well […]

Old Wives Tales: Women’s Fairy Tale Art (continued) 2

"The North Wind" by Jessie Wilcox Smith In contrast to Disneyfied fairy tales, let’s take a look at an older tale that is rarely found in children’s collections: The Girl With No Hands. The story goes something like this: A poor miller meets the Devil in the woods, who promises him a sack of gold […]

How Master Madman Came to Ch’ing Feng Temple

translated by Heinz Insu Fenkl “This is myself and that is someone else—Free yourself from the constraints of such delusionAnd your own self shall be awakened.” —Sarahafrom “The Treasury of Songs” It is said that during the reign of Cheng Yuan (785–804 A.D.) of the T’ang Dynasty there lived in Chang–an a young man by […]

Angels and Ministers of Grace

Macbeth: Banquet Scene by George Romney Other scholars point pragmatically to the many violent swordfights and smoky special effects the plays contain, but Hamlet and the history plays are equally full of swordplay and walking ghosts. In fact, skeptical theater historians argue that just as many actors have come to grief during the swordfights in […]