The Mythic Mask (Continued) 2

Frog Mask & Costume by Vinilla Burnham About the Artists in the Mythic Masks Exhibition The art featured in Mythic Masks comes from contemporary artists and performers in several fields, inspired by the function, form, and history of masks in a variety of ways. Please visit their web sites to learn more about them and […]

The Mythic Mask

an exhibition of mask artby Vinilla Burnham, Phil Clark, Brian Froud, Wendy Froud, Beckie Kravetz, Horse + Bamboo, Katy Marchant, Charles Vess, Nancy Warren Masks in Myth, Ritual, and History The mask is an object worn over or in front of the face to hide the identity of a person and by its own features […]

Journal of Mythic Arts — Winter 2006 Issue — Endicott Studio

Editors: Terri Windling and Midori SnyderBook Reviewers: Helen Pilinovsky and Elizabeth Genco Art: from top to bottomHealing by Mark WagnerThe Ghost in the Hills by John Jude PalencarMother Winter by Jeanie TomanekAutumn’s Last Sigh by Helena Nelson ReedNorth wind by Jessie Wilcox SmithMedicine Cards by Mark Wagner Letter from the Editor’s Desk“Welcome to our Special […]

Inner SeasonsThe Mythic Art of Virginia Lee 4

    Inner Seasons Follow the Crow and find the trail of breadcrumbs, feathers, leaves and stones to lead you from the summer lands into the autumn and unknown, yes go. Go now, as day ripens, your fears writ large upon the sky, the wind whispers: don’t be afraid, the trees tremble as you pass by […]

Rates of (Ex)Change: The Goblin Marketand Voodoo Accounting(Continued)

Goblin Market illustration by Arthur Rackham Financial Wizards Last but most certainly not least, we have the category of the modern market, where authors carry the message of the market into a broader definition, recasting Rossetti’s metaphors of addiction and exchange in wholly new fashions. The symbolism of the fruits from Rossetti’s poem have been […]

Fairy Selves

The Fairy Paintings of Ernie Sandidge text by Terri Windling Although today we think of fairies as the sweet, sexless, diminutive sprites of children’s stories, the fairies of folklore were earthier creatures who came in many forms, including those of human size and appearance. Artists have been depicting them in shapes both large and small […]

The Dance of the Labyrinth (Continued)

Trojeborg, Sweden Troy Towns One of the most enduring physical forms of the labyrinth is the Troy Town. These are formed from stones, lain out upon the ground, always in the form of a Cretan labyrinth. Because they are made of stones and there are usually no related monuments, they are very difficult to date. […]

The Tale of the Mountain King and His Sky Bride

by O.R. Melling Imdha toir torudh abla,Imdha airne cen cesa,Imdha dairbre ardmhesa. Plentiful in the east the apple fruits,Plentiful the luxuriant sloes,Plentiful the noble acorn–bearing oaks. Fado, fado Once upon a time, long, long ago. . . . . .there was a Mountain Kingdom that curved like a chain on the blue throat of the sea. It was a […]

Jack Straw (Continued)

by Midori Snyder I stayed in bed another five days and then went back to school. I had five days of lying in my bed to think over whathad happened. Oh, I was happy to be alive, to be waking up each day and watching the sun shine through my windows, lighting up the whitedaisies […]

The Green Children (Continued)

by Kevin Brockmeier It was no later than the hunter’s moon when the first travelers began to arrive. They came from the east and the south (those from the west and north having no need to cross the river) and asked how to find their way to the green children they had heard tell of. […]