Pornography – You Have Enough to Think About

We can’t blame the sleazy Middle Eastern owners of this sex Arab tube for making a lot of their ads designed to please the viewers. But we also don’t blame their advertisers who allow them to make some outrageous claims in their TV and internet commercials and ads.

Sex Arab tube

The National Council for Sexual Health and Counseling has published an article on the “Pornographic” effects of sexual videos and shows. The following are examples of these damaging effects. Read it and weep, and then decide if you want to continue watching these disgusting sex videos.

Sexual Programs for Women: Since sexual programs for women (SDW) are seldom prepared or written in a manner that would teach viewers how to engage in these activities, it is important to note that when sexual behavior is expressed by women, that behavior is sometimes demeaning. Sexual programming for women that is nothing more than degrading depictions of non-consensual sex should be avoided. It is not something anyone should look forward to when watching an SDW program. That’s why it is important for producers to include realistic sexual experiences that are not portrayed as though they were for entertainment purposes.

Sexual Violence: Some events depicted in SDV have been proven to be related to serious forms of violence. Although some SDV portrayals may be subliminal, others may appear to be violent depictions of murder, rape, or even worse. In addition, movies featuring porn star pornography and scenes in which porn star pornography and scenes that appear to show brutal, violent acts have been shown to be disturbing to viewers.

I had seen some videos where young girls danced on top of a car; some of them were naked; some were even doing the splits. The scenes that made me gasp and start to shake my head out were the ones that I thought could be seen on a music video. But I have seen some that have brought back horrible memories, not because they looked so terrible, but because they are so real!

There is no excuse for such violent sexual behavior, and it is absolutely wrong. As a caring human being and a responsible parent, I don’t want my daughter watching that kind of thing.

The reality is that many SDW programs do have scenes that are pornographic in nature. For example, a character may be forced to perform oral sex, while another character is “fucked.” However, there is no intent for a viewer to think that these scenes are sexy. These kinds of scenes are probably shown so that they will be quite graphic and arousing to the viewer.

Although the scenes and images depicted in SDW are usually unscripted, they can sometimes be scripted, or they may be scenes that can be substituted by a friend. There is nothing wrong with this, unless the viewer perceives these scenes as degrading.

This “trick” is called “making it look sexy,” and unfortunately it is common in SDW. Many viewers, however, may think these scenes are real, and may be “a little bit pornographic” and therefore not be comfortable watching the SDW.

Sexual Harassment and sexual assault: Another fact about porn that should be mentioned is that when you see a woman being demeaned or her body violated, you will think that this is happening in a real life setting. In addition, the viewer may feel that this is all “real,” or “real life” and not something that happens in a private place.

Sexual harassment and sexual assault have happened before in real life, and it always happens in a way that is shocking and is very dangerous. To take a woman out of her home or leave her alone to go out with strangers is a very scary thing, and it can never be consensual.

Whether a person has sexual activity with someone they are not interested in, or whether that person forces sex upon them, regardless of the reason for it, it is unacceptable. It is time for a change. We must stop all pornography and other forms of pornography because it has no place in our society.