Sex, Gender and Desire in Modern Egypt

Sex Gender and Desire in Modern Egypt

The only time when people are depicted having sex is in Egyptian sex (arabian سكس مصرى ) scenes. Sex in Ancient Egypt was not only forbidden, but the very idea of it was alien to them. To them sex was a mystery to be guarded and never spoken of.

The only means of sex they knew of was intercourse, which was a symbol of an end for this world, and so this is how they ended their days. When Egyptian men wanted to get intimate with a woman they had to bear in mind that the woman had a similar mindset of theirs; to hold their life in her body until she dies.

This meant that all the ancient times had to do was to give a warning that their final breath was just a few short seconds away. When this happened a rape was inevitable, so these men got ready to execute the abduction of women.

Now this did not mean that the sexual act itself had anything to do with the fate of the soul, or the mystery of love, it was merely a means of holding in your body for the ultimate event of death. In these ancient times a well-timed rape could serve as a prelude to one’s imminent demise.

Even after having endured the sexual act itself the Greek writer Plutarch wrote that “the woman that is carried off by force” would not have a child by him because he wouldn’t have a female womb in his body. A rape would also mean that he wouldn’t be a father to the child, so there is no pregnancy.

Egyptian sex

At any rate, the sexual act was only a sign of getting closer to the end of the world. So before the Egyptian man gets into a sexual relationship with his mistress, he has to get ready to die, and also to bring his wife back to life. A modern Egyptian who watches sex movies in an Egyptian sex video will find it very surprising how the Egyptian government has always allowed this practice.

After all, it was a sexual act that was supposed to bring a happy marriage, not make it less so. Indeed, Egyptian religious leaders felt that it was not good for the society to have these Sex movies on Egyptian sex tube.

However, it is very rare that the Christian churches are letting Egyptian women watch modern day sex movies. The reason is that there is no culture of free sex in their religion. Even the women who are married or who live together, sex has to be forbidden.

Instead, Egyptian women had to learn to enjoy sex when they were young, and were also taught how to have a woman’s orgasm. These lessons were taught to them through the help of adult education classes.

These Egyptian sex videos were shown to the Egyptian women at age 12, so that by the time they were in their late teens they could show their partners how to reach orgasm. Some Egyptian women claim that watching Egyptian sex movies and DVD is more pleasurable for them than actually engaging in the act themselves.

Egyptian women are taught that men may try to convince them to do things that they might be hesitant about doing because of the fear of being judged by their society. If Egyptian women see Egyptian sex movies they can feel confident that they will not be held responsible for the mistakes of their partners.

If Egyptian men watch Egyptian sex videos it gives them the opportunity to show their partners what they know. By watching Egyptian sex movies they will be able to get a glimpse of the Egyptian sex life and start to want to be in this type of relationship with Egyptian women.

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