Journal of Mythic Arts — Spring 2006 Issue — Endicott Studio

Editors: Terri Windling
and Midori Snyder
Book Reviewers: Helen Pilinovsky
and Elizabeth Genco

Art: from top to bottom
Persephone by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Owls by Richard Doyle
Scarecrow by Jeanie Tomanek
Painting by John Anster Fitzgerald
Photograph from The Big Fish
Angel of Death by Evelyn Morgan
Circe by John William Waterhouse

Letter from the Editor’s Desk
“In this issue, we’re look at myths and mythic arts dealing with themes of death, re–birth, and resurrection. . . .”

The Reading Room

Death and Rebirth in World Myth and Mythic Fiction
by Hal Duncan
“To die is to sleep, the myth seems to be saying, to be entombed among flickering dreams until we wake again. . . .”

Death and Return in the Myth of Demeter and Persephone
by Kathie Carlson
“Persephone means she who brings destruction, i.e. the Goddess of Death . . .”

Godfather Death: Death in Fairy Tales
by Terri Windling
“Death is a very real threat in the tales —yet it does not always have the last word . . .”

The Vision Fast: Practicing Death and Rebirth
by Munro Sickafoose
“In each of life’s major transitions, something dies and something new is born . . .”

Godmother Death
a story by Jane Yolen
“You think you know this story. You do not . . .”

Meet the Elms
a story by Alan DeNiro
“The doctor diagnosed my father with Dutch Elm disease on the day the fall color turned . . .”

Familiar Birds
a story by Karen Joy Fowler
“They could talk to anyone, those birds, those trees. But mostly they didn’t want to . . .”

The Writing Room

Mythic Fiction for Young Adults
by Julie Bartel
“Mythic fiction encourages examination of the notions of ‘literary’ versus ‘popular’ fiction, or ‘mainstream’ versus ‘genre’ . . .”

On Myth and Writing
by Terri Windling
“The act of creation, it has always seemed to me, is one of the great magics of our world . . .”

Pamela Dean’s The Secret Country and Authorial Creation
by Eve Sweester
“Imaginative creation is not merely full of wonder and joy; it is hard, painful, and messy . . .”

The Gallery

The Heart’s Desire: The Art of Jeanie Tomanek
“Folktales and myths often inspire my exploration of the feminine archetype . . .”

Moments In–Between: The Art of Erica Swadley
“My life’s quest is the exploration of the numinous world . . .”

The Crossroads: Mixed Media

Fairy Tale Theatre: The Art of Transformation
by Howard Gayton
“The boy is near death, and the seals sing the songs of the ancients to call him back to life . . .”

The Coffeehouse: Poetry

Bedtime Story
by Bob Hicok

Llantos de La Llorona:Warnings from the Wailer
by Pat Mora

Aesculapius in the Underworld
by Ryan G. Van Cleave

A Daughter’s Tale
by Wendy McVicker

by Veronica Schanoes

by Marisa de los Santos

When Raven Sang
by Jane Yolen

Balance of the World Part I
by Howard Gayton

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Balance of the World Part 2
by Howard Gayton

by Laurie Kutchins

The Voice Outside
by Laurie Kutchins

Old Tree Healing
by Taiko Haessler

From the Archives: On Death and Rebirth

How to Bring Someone Back From the Dead
a story by Veronica Schanoes

The Parade of You
a story by Barth Anderson

Days of the Dead
an article by Terri Windling

a prose poem by Wendy Froud

From Persephone’s Letters to Demeter
a poem by Nan Fry

May 28
a poem by Ellen Steiber