Coyote Goes to College (Continued) 3

by Gregory Frost

All sorts of activities were going on in this building. He saw people with rackets and others with large rubber balls that they somehow managed to throw at the floor so that the ball came back at them, and rooms where people seemed to be attacking machinery, which looked like far too much work to him.Near the end of the hall were two doors, one labeled "Men’s Lockers" and the other, opposite it, labeled "Women’s Lockers."

Coyote stood and contemplated what "lockers" might mean; he wasn’t certain, but he thought the door belonging to the women had to be where he wanted to go. Finally, he used his magic to make himself invisible, and walked inside. He could stay invisible for a little while if he didn’t get distracted.

There was a woman right inside with her back to him, and she had most of her clothes off. Coyote got excited looking at her, and he became visible again. He hurried farther into the room, and tried to cover his eyes with his hands; but everywhere the women were undressing and putting on special clothes — swimming suits and gym outfits.Their regular clothes hung in the lockers, which were just what he needed, but the only way he could remain in here was with his eyes closed. He barked his shins against a bench and ran into a bank of lockers before he figured that if he kept his head low and squinted narrowly at the floor ahead, he could navigate fairly well. In this clumsy way, he reached a deserted aisle.

He located a locker full of clothing, and he hurriedly dressed in the clothes hanging there. Remembering the turds’ warning, he removed his penis and put it into his backpack. It complained angrily until he zipped the pack shut. Then he looked himself over in a mirror. "I still look too much like me," he said, and rummaged in the bottom of the locker,where he found some discarded gym socks.He stuffed them into his bra. It didn’t take him long to finish the transformation — he had disguised himself this way many times before. He swept back his long hair and put a barrette in it. In the mirror now he looked just like one of the women — at least, he thought so and he headed quickly out of the locker room and right across campus to the sorority house.

It was all lit up, much as the fraternity had been the night before. He stepped up to the front door and was about to knock, when the door opened. A woman with jet black hair and glasses looked him over and said, "Pledge?" She was as dark as he, and he was immediately attracted to her.

He nodded, wary to have the door slammed on him again; but she welcomed him into the house. "We’re looking especially," she began, "for girls who can help us raise the house GPA this year. What’s your GPA?"

"Um," said Coyote. He had no idea what the right answer was. He tried to recall what the girls on the lawn had said — he remembered them talking about this GPA thing — but he didn’t know what answer was expected. He knew they’d said some numbers. The answer could be four or it could be forty, and he had to say something. Carefully,he pronounced, "fourrrr," holding the last of it until he had some sense of her response.She interrupted with "You have a four average?" There was such excitement in the question that he lowered his head as if shyly and said, "Well, I don’t want to brag."

"No, you should! A four–oh. What’s your major?"

He thought wildly, then said, "Michaelson."

"History major, wow, that’s excellent! I began in history, too. Michaelson is the best professor in the department. All the women here love him!"

"Really?" Coyote relaxed now. At last he understood what a Michaelson was. He seemed to be doing pretty well. The woman looked him over with new appreciation, but then sniffed the air. "What’s that odor?" she asked.

Uneasily, Coyote said, "I just came from the gym."

She said, "In a hurry to pledge, huh?" It didn’t seem to bother her beyond that, because she turned and led him into another room, where dozens more women were gathered, including the ones he’d followed earlier in the afternoon. He could hardly contain himself. It was a good thing he’d put his penis away. The shit had been reliable.