Journal of Mythic Arts — Summer 2006 Issue — Endicott Studio

Editors: Terri Windling
and Midori Snyder
Book Reviewers: Helen Pilinovsky
and Elizabeth Genco
Copy editing: Jamie Bluth

Fairy Barque by John Anster Fitzgerald
Fairy by Iain McCaig
Fairy Study by Ernie Sandidge
Ear Poker by Brian Froud
Bother the Gnat by Duncan Carse
Trolls by John Bauer
Grass Spirit by Oliver Hunter

Letter from the Editor’s Desk
“Welcome to our special Double Issue devoted to fairies and other native spirits around the world . . .”

The Reading Room: Articles

Fairies in Legend, Lore, and Literature
by Terri Windling
“Where do fairies come from? Folklorists, philosophers, and mystics have debated this question for centuries . . .”

Italian Fairies
by Maria Raffaella Benvenuto
“Italian folklore abounds in both fairies and other spirits, known by a multitude of local names . . .”

Hungarian Fairies
by Theodora Goss
“Although Transylvania is associated with vampires, in Hungarian folk belief it was inhabited by fairies . . .”

Tale of the Fox’s Den
by Heinz Insu Fenkl
“The Korean kumiho is most often used as a cautionary symbol for the danger of female sexuality . . .”

When My Hair Was Woven With Duendes
by Taiko Maria Haessler
“My secret motivation was to persuade her to tell me about the duendes, the faeries . . .”

Little People of the Southeast
by Carolyn Dunn
“One group of spirits live among the rocks and hillside caves of northern Georgia and the Carolinas . . .”

The Reading Room: Fiction

The Green Children
by Kevin Brockmeier
“When the reapers found the children in the wolf–pits. . .they shuddered and would not lay hands on them . . .”

Midwife to the Fairies
by Éilís Ní Dhuibhne
“And who should it be but the people of the hill, the wee folk . . .”

Daughter of the Sun
by Carolyn Dunn
“And then there they are, swirling upon smoke and ash. Yunwitsansdi . . .”

The Writing Room

Madness, Shapechanging, and Art in The Wood Wife
by Niko Silvester
“A number of painters of fairies were, or were thought to be insane . . .”

The Gallery

Fairy Selves
The fairy paintings of Ernie Sandidge

The Fairy Sketchbooks
Drawings by Alan Lee, Iain McCaig,
Charles Vess, and Terri Windling

The Crossroads: Mixed Media

Playing Fairy: Puck and Pan Onstage
by Kristen McDermott
“Shakespeare connected his dramatic worlds to everyday spiritual life through references to folk belief . . .”

Baba Yaga in Russian Film
by James Graham
“Baba Yaga’s startling image left a powerful mark on me as a child . . .”

The Coffeehouse: Poetry

by Nathalie F. Anderson

A Garden in Cuba
by Margarita Engle

Los Güijes
by Margarita Engle

At the River of Crocodiles
by Zan Ross

Green Children
by Jane Yolen

The Girl Who Married A Reindeer
by Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin

The Child Bride of the Lost City . . .
by Catherynne M. Valente

Fairy Reel
by Neil Gaiman

The Real Scoop About Pixies
by Mario Milosevic

Wondering What They Are Up To . . .
by Mario Milosevic

by Gary Snyder

From the Archives: On Fairies

Portrait Painter to the Fairies
Paintings by Brian Froud

Bringing Myth to Life
Sculptures by Wendy Froud

Victorian Fairy Paintings
Richard Dadd, John Anster Fitzgerald, and more

An article by Terri Windling

The Changeling
A poem by Theodora Goss

King of Crows
A story by Midori Snyder