Tricksters (Continued)

by Terri Windling

Sit down, have some coffee, pay attention now. Here’s one more about Coyote. He’s walkin’ there by that lake yonder, that lake over there by my uncle’s place. And Coyote, he’s tired, he’s hungry, his bag is heavy, and he sees some geese. So he sets this big heavy bag down on the ground.

"Coyote, Coyote" say them geese, "what’s in that big old heavy bag?"

"It’s songs," he says.

"Coyote," says them geese, "how come you have so many songs?"

He puffs up his chest and he smiles with all them teeth and then Coyote says, "I have strong visions, and that’s how come I have so many songs."

"Well okay then, let’s have us a big dance."

But Old Man Coyote shakes his head. "These are powerful songs. You can’t mess around with these songs. If you want to dance, you’re going to have to dance just like I tell you to dance."

"Well okay," them geese agree.

They pound down the grass by the edge of that lake and make a big place for dancing. Coyote takes out his dancing sticks. "Now you got to close your eyes," he says. "These songs are powerful medicine songs. If you open your eyes you might get hurt real bad."

So the geese all close their eyes and Coyote sings and the geese commence to dance.

"Keep your eyes closed!" Coyote says, and he hits one of them geese with his sticks. "Wait, stop!" says Coyote. "This here geese opened his eyes and now he’s dead! You’d better all keep your eyes closed."

And then them geese, they start to dance again.

Coyote snatches another one and commences to strangle him. That geese is squawking, and Coyote says, "That’s right, my friends, sing loud as you can!"

But one old geese, he opens one eye just a peep, and now he sees what’s goin’ on. "Run away, brothers!" he cries, and off they go — but not before Old Man Coyote fills his belly real good.

"That was sure some good trick," says Coyote, and he goes along his way.

Mad Hatter and Hare by Iain McCaig

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Humpty Dumpty by Iain McCaig

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