Sex and Hijab – The Connection

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Sex and Hijab – The Connection

Many young, liberal, and progressive Muslims in the West are frequently accused of promoting and encouraging the sexualization of their religion and culture through pornography. This accusation is often made against both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, despite the fact that such promotion and encouragement of pornography in the Muslim world go against the Qur’an and the teachings of Islam. While the west and other major religions have certain aspects of them that seem to promote a rather pornographic view of sex, this is not the case with the Islamic religion and the way it views sex and sexual relationships. While there are aspects of it that can be criticized, the essence of it, as it is practiced in the Muslim world, is one of kindness, honor, and purity, which do not allow for pornography of any type.

There is no place for pornography in Islam, and the same is true for Muslim women as well. They are strictly prohibited from pre-marital sex. They may not even enter into an agreement or marriage with their partners if they feel that such acts of sexual intimacy is forbidden. In the Muslim world, there is a very high value placed on gender roles. Any violation of these gender roles and norms can lead to social and societal consequences, and thus, many women who do enter into marriage and other forms of romantic or sexual relationships are strongly cautioned against engaging in any type of pornography, including the depiction of women in pornographic material, even within the confines of a marriage contract or marriage itself.

The reason for this is that in the Muslim world, it is considered to be a sin, and is seen as a display of immorality. This is also true for the Christian and Jewish faiths, although the scale is much different in the latter two. For example, in the Christian faith, it is perfectly acceptable for a man to have an affair with another woman while he is married, as long as it is not done in front of the church. The same applies to Jewish women.

On the other hand, in the Muslim world, women are not considered to be property of their husbands, nor are they considered to hold any sexual power within the home. They cannot ask for what they want, cannot demand that their husbands respect their own rights, nor can they demand that their husbands provide them with the family financial needs. This means that, in a Muslim household, women are not really given the equal status that they would hold in a western society, where there are generally more equality and freedom. Thus, when women are exposed to images of women in pornographic forms, it can cause several issues in a marriage. It can prompt a man to treat his wife as a sexual object, rather than as a partner and wife.

What happens then? If a man has sexual intercourse with his wife and she does not wear an Islamic headscarf (hijab), he has the right to have sexual intercourse with her bare breasts. This is because such acts are considered to be private and sexual. Thus, when a woman wears an Islamic head scarf, she cannot be considered to be in the same category as a porn star. The act of pornography in the home is not considered to be a sexual act between two adults, but between an adult and a child.

Furthermore, it causes a lot of problems in the Muslim household, where the women’s view on things is completely different from the women’s view of things in the western world. In the west, most people are completely positive that masturbation and having sexual relations outside marriage is totally acceptable. However, in the Muslim world, women do not have this same view. They see women’s role as being one that involves taking care of children, looking after the home, and ensuring that their husbands are pleasing them in all ways possible.

Hence, a Muslim man who views pornography in the scene – or any other form of – the sexual act, is viewed by his wife as being disrespectful towards his wife. This is especially true if the pornography involves pre-marital sex. A lot of Muslim women do not even accept pre-marital sex, which is something that almost every Muslim woman has had to deal with. If you see a scene – be it on the internet, in a film, or in a pornographic magazine – where a woman is being subjected to what is considered to be degrading sexual act, there is a very strong chance that your wife will not appreciate it, let alone support it.

Another reason why some women do not view the Arab HaYah Porn scene as a positive experience is because they see it as a pornographic fantasy. They see the women in these films as being sexy, sensuous and willing to perform almost any sexual act. This is not the case at all. Most Arab women consider their role as being a wife and mother – which means that they are expected to be very loving, submissive and responsible towards her husband and children.