Sex for Sale – Arab Women As Sex Slaves For Prostitution

Arab sex

Sex for Sale – Arab Women As Sex Slaves For Prostitution is quite controversial, both in Arab countries and those abroad who read about it. Sex between Arab men and women is forbidden by Islamic law. Some of the most conservative communities in Arab countries forbid sex. They consider it immorality and a violation of their moral and social values. But some women find it very fulfilling and enjoyable. In Arab nations, it is considered a sign of status among married women.

There are many Arab websites that discuss and give views on this topic. The Arab language newspaper, Al Arab, published a feature article on its website where women from various Arab countries describe their feelings after their first sexual experience with a new husband or before having intercourse for the first time. It includes some very positive and negative views on Arab sex. Some articles include:

“My husband did not allow me to have premarital sex but I had a beautiful experience. We got married when we were only 17 and we have been through a lot. The Arab culture’s view on sex is very different from ours. Most of the women complain that their husbands do not respect their views on having premarital sex. My own view on premarital sex was that it is up to the woman to make the decision whether she wants to have sex before marriage.”

“I believe that women should be respected and given rights. I think women should be allowed to have premarital sex as they are human beings. Arab women are educated and they are very well educated. If these women want to have premarital sex, then let them have it. I was a little hesitant about talking about sex before marriage because I was scared that my opinions would be judged negatively by Arab men who would think that I was out to get them and that my motives were wrong.”

” Arabs may have different cultural views on premarital sex, but they still respect women. They have great views on women. According to my observations in Egypt, in Ras Mohammed, the young men do not object when the young women come to have a drink at the beach or go dancing at the clubs. They do not shout at them, insult them or even punish them for having premarital sex. This goes to show that attitudes of Arab men towards premarital sex are different than ours.”

“I believe that Arab men are usually very respectful of their women. They have great attitudes and they always smile at the girls. I have seen many Arab men like my sister who will give the bride and groom a kiss on the cheek when they are off in the taxi on their way to the wedding. I saw a number of Arab men in the taxi stand still when the car in front started to drive slowly. It shows that they have great control over themselves.”

” Pornographic movies in Germany are available without charge, but the viewer must pay for any explicit scenes. Videos are easily found and viewed on the Internet. The Arab culture is liberalized and people here enjoy watching movies, especially adult movies, all the time. They even have their own version of a pornography movie, which they call “mobaat,” which has sex scenes interspersed with music and comedy sequences. These are popular viewing items and many couples in Germany, including myself, watch them together.”

” Arabs in Germany are a large percentage of the population and they like to show off to visitors and tourists. In fact, when I was there my German hosts were extremely hospitable and the hospitality in general was above par. It’s refreshing to see that not all cultures are as conservative as we may think. The Arab sex worker is another positive story of sex trafficking that has made waves in Europe and we need to continue to look out for these cases of exploitation.”