Sex Muslim Photo – Sensation and Misuse

A Muslim man and a woman in a very erotic photograph have caused a sensation in the online community of photography. There has been a lot of negative reaction to the photography of this couple from the Islam community. The fact is that the photographs are ‘private’ rather than ‘public’ but that is not the issue here. The issue is the controversial photograph which has caused a lot of discussion since it was taken.

Sex Muslim photo

What is being viewed as ‘sad’ is the act of having sex, whether married or not, with a person whose wife has not consummated the marriage. This is in addition to ‘nudity’ photos that show exactly what people think is the bare facts when it comes to ‘naked’ (or ‘naughty’) sexuality. Some Muslims regard these ‘photos’ as ‘blasphemous’ and ‘immoral’. These views seem to be widespread amongst some Muslims.

What is being seen as the moral dilemma is the depiction of a man and a woman engaging in a sexual act. There is nothing pornographic about these photos. In fact the opposite is true. The two people in these photos are engaged in a completely innocent and normal activity. The issue here is with the way in which the photos have been posted on the internet.

The photographer has probably either not been well trained or has not been imaginative enough to realise that what he/she is doing could be viewed as ‘nudity’. It is not easy to make a living from taking ‘nudity’ photos. You therefore need to have a highly skilled and finely honed sense of photography. It would seem that this is the key reason why there has been so much hostility towards these pictures.

The simple fact is that there is absolutely nothing immoral or ‘naughty’ about these photos. They are normal, sensible and common-place pictures of couples having some fun. What has happened is that an unscrupulous person has decided to make use of social networking sites and published some ‘naughty’ photos that are in fact ‘sexist’ in nature. This is a huge blow to free speech. Who wants to express themselves sexually through photographs?

There is no doubt that there has been a lot of anger and upset expressed about this whole situation. One thing we should all remember is that the photo does not show any person engaging in any form of ‘naughty’ behaviour. This man is just looking at two women in a negligee, and that is all there is to it. We must also remember that the two women are attractive and well-groomed; they are in a position perfectly acceptable for them to pose for a photo.

What then is the big crime here? That of exposing women to ridicule and humiliation? The man in the photo is just looking at two women who are both beautiful and in a very provocative position. It would be hard to find anything offensive or pornographic in this situation. To portray otherwise is to justify ‘sexual harassment’ and to put the whole thing on the shoulders of the women being depicted in the photos.

The woman in the photo is not a sex worker or something akin to that. She is a respectable and good Muslim lady, and it is her duty to protect her modesty at all times. She will not ‘entice’ anyone with her provocative actions, but neither will she tolerate anyone doing so either. This is a typical scenario where a photo or image of a woman being sexual is presented without her consent in a public forum. This is a clear case of ‘misuse’ of ‘free speech’ – a highly offensive violation of the rights of women in the west.