Sex on Stiff by Bassam Habib

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Sex on Stiff by Bassam Habib

“Arab Ameer” is the title of a famous novel written by A. Z. Fish. It’s about a young woman in her thirties who, after her divorce, wants to get back together with her ex-boyfriend. What she doesn’t know is that her ex has made plans for her in order to have sex with her again. This turns out to be good for her, and so it goes.

The book starts out as a story about a young man named Mustafa el-Haddou, who is sitting on a bus from his home town of Cairo to his hometown of Amman in Jordan when he gets a call from an old friend. The name of the person on the other line is Abu Tabil. He tells Mustafa that he is going to marry her and he would like her to come along.

The next few pages bring news of Mustafa’s happiness and surprise at how well things have gone between them. He tells her that she has a beautiful house and a new car and also seduces her to the extent of having sex right in front of her parents’ eyes. Things get hotter as they go further into the night and into marriage. Sex is consummated in the presence of their parents. Shortly thereafter, Mustafa is told of a debt she has to pay.

The remainder of the book is told from Mustafa’s perspective. She relates the story of her newly married life to her parents, and through her eyes, we see her parents negotiating with the financier to make sure that the amount of money is paid off. We also see the tension between her mother and stepmother. The financier, however, seems to have more than his share of reasons for making sure that things don’t work out between Mustafa and Tabil.

The characters, as depicted in this book, are so realistic that it can be hard to take the book away from its subject. Fish’s writing style is clear and conversational, which makes the story both easy to follow and interesting to read. The descriptions of Mustafa and her life are so vivid that you feel as if you are actually there and not just reading about it.

The Financiers, as they are called in this novel, are all portrayed in an engaging manner that makes them seem real. The book’s tone is jovial yet serious at times; the language is sometimes a little vulgar but never abusive or vulgar. Mustafa and Tabil are shown as loving and fun-loving families who have a wonderful time together. The Financiers also drive home the point that women should always think of their own needs first before looking out for others. This book would make a good addition to any library.

Sex on Stiff is not just a story of sex and relationships. There is quite a lot of advice on how to manage a marriage as well. It is not just a story of lust and desire gone awry but a story of how two married people find themselves falling in love again, and how this leads to marriage. Fish is able to describe relationships in a way that most readers can relate to, which makes this book not only interesting but valuable as well.

Sex on Stiff is written in a very conversational and friendly manner making it easy to read. If you are a woman and are looking for a book about sex that is full of advice on how to be a better partner, then this is definitely a book for you. If you are a man who is married and looking for ways to spice things up in the bedroom, then this book will give you plenty of techniques that you can use to have more intense sex with your wife or girlfriend. Mustafa and Tabil are not looking for an audience with whom they can demonstrate how to have sex. In fact, the whole premise of the book is to help couples just like them find more fulfilling and enjoyable intimacy.