Sex With Anahid – The Sex Arab Tube

The toy, also known as the Anahid or ‘irgin’ is one of the newest and hottest toys on the market today. It is the ideal size for anal stimulation, and can be used for both men and women. The Anahid is inserted into the anus via the anus canal like a condom, and gently stimulates the internal walls of the rectum and the vagina. This is an excellent way to give both partners mind-blowing orgasms, without any pain involved!

Sex Arab tube

What is so good about the Anahid? In a nutshell – it is a one-piece full of medical grade silicone. When inserted, the Anahid is completely malleable, making it easy to manipulate and position for both partners. Each piece is also equipped with a pre-installed clitoral stimulator. Simply insert one clitoral stimulator in the Anahid tube, and watch the magic happen. The stimulator emits a pulse of light that can be controlled by the partners, to heighten the pleasure and intensity.

The Anahid can be inserted several times before the end of the intercourse to stimulate both partners. Once inserted, the tube goes through the entire length of the vaginal canal and over the uterus and back, in turn touching the cervix. This can be great for new and experienced couples who would love to take their time, caressing each other, and enjoying the ultimate foreplay. Some women may find this to be a little painful, but we recommend that you warm up first, either with a soak in a warm tub or simply a little massage on the vaginal area.

The Anahid comes with a lifetime warranty. It is made from 100% medical grade silicone. It cannot be taken out of the country and is very discreet. Due to its lightweight, the tube can be easily carried around or positioned in any location. Also, due to its light weight, it makes it easier to maintain than many other vibrators on the market.

The main advantage of the Anahid is the clitoral stimulation it provides. If there is ever a time you are unhappy with the clitoris, then the Anahid can be used as a supplemental stimulator, to give your clitoris some added pleasure. This means that you may never need the clitoral stimulator again. If you have never had an orgasm using this type of tube, you will be in for the most amazing and sensual experience of your life.

With regular use, the Anahid has proven to enhance the sensitivity of the vagina. By causing increased blood flow to the genital area, the sensation is heightened to new heights, leading to an incredible orgasmic experience for both partners. To further enhance this orgasmic experience, you can also use the tip of the tube to rub your partner’s vagina, which will send pleasurable waves all throughout her body. The tip of the Anahid can even be inserted into the mouth of the opposite sex for extra sensual stimulation.

Sex with this product will change the way you view yourself and your sexuality. You will be able to achieve orgasms that you never thought possible, as long as you know exactly how to use it. The best part about it is that it is extremely safe, and no negative side effects will come from taking this product.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Arab Tube today, before you make any other sexual decisions! This product has been proven to work, and it is a must have for any serious, passionate couple out there. You will love the way it makes your sex life better than ever before. Start enjoying your new found sexual freedom today.