Sex With Women in Hudayah – A Challenge For the Woman

What if having sex with women in hijab is considered to be hindu-hindu? Well, that is a very interesting question. If you intend to have sex with women in hijab, then you need to know the following important Islamic laws in force. First and foremost, it is a grave crime to intercourse with a woman who isn’t permissible to be married.

There are seven countries in which Muslim law strictly forbids men and women from having relations. They are Afghanistan, Algeria, Britain, Burma, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and USA. The reason behind this ban is that some Islamic scholars feel that it is un-Islamic for women to enjoy sexual pleasure outside of marriage.

This brings us to another dilemma. Islam states that men and women should lead a single life. This means that a man can have sexual relationships outside of marriage and so can women. The problem comes in when women begin to remarry. Under Islamic law, they must remain married to their first husband.

Now, we will see how to have sex with women in hudayah according to Islam. According to most scholars, having sexual relations outside of marriage is haram, or forbidden. So, Muslim men cannot have sexual relations with women who are divorced or widowed. However, the basis for this ruling is that Muslim law does not require a woman to become a widow in order to be eligible for hudayah. It is only when she is widowed that her family can legally demand that she get married again.

Another important Islamic law that concerns the issue of having sexual relations outside of marriage is what is called “vadta”. Vota is a question of trust between the man and the woman. The woman must trust her man completely not just before and after the sexual relation but before and after the marriage as well. To test the level of trust needed, the women’s family may ask her to bring an amount of money to the marriage that can be spent as dowry.

Once the woman proves that she has given the dowry, she must then marry her first husband and must live under his roof. This is a requirement for all Muslim women. If she does not comply, then she must face the consequences. The amount of money involved here is very small compared to the implications of breaking the marriage contract.

Sex with women in hudayah takes some time to develop. Women need the time to adjust to her new marital status. There is nothing wrong with this. As the famous saying goes, “If you love someone, let them go”. If you love your spouse and want to marry them only for the sake of having sex, then you have broken the hudayah contract.

Islam regards women to be the most beautiful creation of God. The pre-requisites for women are also quite simple. She must be free from all types of illnesses, free from physical defects, honest and pure in motive. All these conditions must be fulfilled by both men and women in order to establish sexual intercourses legally in Islam. However, in many states in the western world, women face many difficulties in receiving these rights.

It has been observed that the women of Muslim countries face numerous problems in receiving their legal rights for marrying a man and engaging in sexual intercourse. Many women are not even permitted to see their husbands on hudayah. This is the result of ignorance and fear on the part of the women. Most of them have not understood the concept of the institution of marriage in Islam.

Islam does not permit the women to be active participants in the sexual activities of other people. So, in the Muslim society, the women are confined to one place and that is home. They cannot meet any of their partners outside the house. Even in the western world, there are many instances where women are hounded for coming out of the house. Even in some of the Muslim societies, women face various types of harassment on account of their sexual activities. This can be described as an injustice which the women have been suffering since centuries.

There are many reasons due to which women are sexually harassed. Some of the reasons are the honor, community support or the financial benefits, but the major cause is the lack of education, which prevent the women from enjoying her rights. Islam provides every woman the right to learn and educate herself. There is no necessity for a woman to remain in the home to perform domestic duties. Therefore, it is up to the Muslim women to decide whether they want to engage in a physical relationship or not.