Sexually Pleasing a Muslim Woman

Sex Muslim photo albums are a new trend in the Muslim world, with more Islamic men and women taking photographs of themselves in intimate acts with the sole purpose of putting them onto a photo album. This is not something that you will find in the west where women and girls often choose to pose nude for fun and entertainment purposes. In the Islamic culture, modesty is always important, and women are always required to cover their heads and hands in public. This is not only for modesty’s sake, but to adhere to Islamic principles of justice and fairness. But nudity has been a part of our culture since time immemorial, so why are we suddenly seeing more Muslim women proudly posting pictures of themselves on social networking sites like Facebook?

One theory suggests that it is because these women are empowered and feel they can show their sexuality while still being covered by Islamic law. Another theory is that conservative Muslim women are now more comfortable with showing their sexuality than ever before. Another explanation points to the liberalization of Muslim culture, which has allowed women to be more involved in the way they are perceived by western men. Whatever the reason is, there is no denying that more Islamic women are posting intimate pictures online. And there are quite a number of reasons for this.

The first thing that is noticeable is the amount of preoccupation that women have with their beauty. This is apparent not only in the various Islamic art and literature that women are now reading, but also in the more conservative Islamic societies where Muslim women are now raised. While in places like Morocco and Turkey, Muslim women are rarely seen in the streets without wearing a head scarf, Muslim women living in the west are all too familiar with the sight of western women on beaches without a head scarf, and bikini bikinis. To Muslim women, these are temptations and the ultimate sign of lust.

Some women’s magazines in the west have done some reporting on the phenomenon of liberalizing Islamic society and attitudes toward nudity. The result of this reporting has been the emergence of a new kind of Muslim woman, one who is proud of her body and confident of her sexuality. Many of these more conservative Muslim women are posting their photos online, not only to show off their bodies, but to counter the media’s portrayals of Muslim women as sex objects.

There is a counter-reaction to the more prominent, daring Muslim women who post such photos on the internet. Some Muslim websites are actively discouraging women from uploading their own images on the internet. There have even been threats issued against women who post their own images or photographs of themselves on the internet. These Muslim websites argue that such photography is an insult to the modesty of Muslim women and is even considered defamatory. They claim that the practice of taking photographs of oneself and posting them online forms a sexual violation of Muslim law. This could hardly be further from the truth.

While some western women may find the urge to post intimate photographs of themselves to be repulsive, there is nothing in the Muslim religion or culture that prohibits a woman from enjoying her sexuality, or being sexually provocative. Even more, it is more in violation of common sense and common decency in the west than it is in violation of the Muslim religion. Muslim women are allowed to show off their bodies as much as they like. This does not mean, however, that they should do so in the face of the most powerful and primitive male members of the human species on the face of the earth. A Muslim woman can freely show off her curves, her assets, and her sexuality, and if she chooses, she can show off all of it, all at the same time.

The desire for sexual stimulation that drives Muslim women to pose for pictures on the internet is not an unnatural phenomenon. For thousands of years, Muslim women were taught that their duty is to make themselves desirable to their husband, to please her husband. In fact, many Pakistani girls living in the United States today were actually encouraged to leave their home to live in America so that they can get a better education. That’s just one example of how Muslim women are pushed into situations where they need to be desirable to men in order to fulfill their cultural and family responsibilities. In other words, Muslim women are being encouraged to put their sexuality first in the eyes of their husbands and partners. That is why, whenever a Muslim woman decides to look for herself online, it’s important that she only looks at photos of Muslim women, because if she looks at photos of western women, she may be tempted to look at photos of men (and men in general) who are far more attractive.

And that, I believe, goes against the very principles of Islam that woman are created lovable by Allama sharir! And that, I believe, is why Muslim women are being targeted online by those who wish to exploit their beauty and sexuality. Muslim women must remain vigilant. They must resist the urge to ‘be one of them’ and look instead towards the more traditional cultures and practices that allow for beauty, sexuality, and lust. In doing so, Muslim women will ensure that they’re pleasing their husband and fulfilling their cultural and family obligations while simultaneously enjoying her own right to beauty and sexuality.