Shinto & Buddhism – The Guide For the Masters

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Shinto & Buddhism – The Guide For the Masters

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The last point that we would like to make clear to you is that you need to respect their culture. They do not want western men destroying their culture and taking away the things they have always known and enjoyed. You will have to treat them in a respectful manner and show them respect because it is one of the traditions they have practised and enjoyed. The more you try and fit into their culture and traditions, the more they will reject you and the less chance they have of welcoming you into their homes.

In a way, this rejection and marginalization are what keeps western society from fully embracing and living by the beliefs of the Shinto god. There are too many examples of how the people who lived in ancient times adopted and practiced the beliefs in return for rewards and privileges that they were denied in modern times. We are all aware of the sufferings and sacrifices that were made for those who did not worship the traditional gods in return for material possessions.

We are all familiar with examples of this in the way that some companies make it their business to offer “Shinto consultations” in order to get the blessings of the Shinto god, or at least the approval of said god. This is a form of bribery, which is a mortal sin according to the Word of God. Many companies that practice bribery have no business at all. What they offer instead should be charity and help. If you can find someone who sincerely wants to help with something, then give them your business, but don’t try to give them favors in return.

This brings up the point that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. In many cases, a book’s appearance can tell you little about its contents. Don’t let a beautiful looking book fool you. Look for good solid information about a variety of topics relating to shinto.