The Arab Sex Tubes

The organ is smaller than the European or American male organ. Arab men can reach orgasm in only one out of 20 sexual intercourse and this explains the small size of their male genitalia. For the men, the testicles are situated high on the abdomen which is why the Arab men often have weak ejaculations. The weak ejaculation often happens because of the weak urethra. For those who do not know, an Arab male has three cavities on his body and these cavities have a valve like structure which regulates when a man’s urine empties out through these cavities.

The Arabian sex organ is located between the anus and penis. It is shaped like an egg and the tip of it is larger than the rest of it. This is the reason why an ejaculation occurs only if a man has enough ejaculatory fluid to cover the entire head of the female sperm. The Arab man’s sperm does not survive for long outside of the woman’s vagina because it can not swim fast enough. This is why an Arab man must ejaculate inside her vagina before fertilization occurs.

Unlike the Caucasian or European sperm, the Asian male sperm has smaller chromosomes which makes it slower but more durable. The male sperm travels faster than the female sperm. It is capable of swimming towards the egg for a maximum of three days after which it slows down significantly. On the other hand, the female sperm has the ability to live up to seven days without dying but then loses its strength and speed after the fertilized egg is expelled by the woman.

The male sperm travels through the narrow passage called the Araba-Yelu which starts from the mouth and ends at the end of the vagina. However, the most important part of the male reproductive system is the tube called the Fallopian tube which links up with the ovary. Through this tube, an egg is fertilized by the male sperm and the procedure is called intercourse. The tubes close for only one hour after the fertilization which is why the duration differs between individuals. Some individuals can have intercourse multiple times and still reach orgasm without ejaculation, while others need to ejaculate within thirty minutes after intercourse.

Sometimes, there may be variation in the time needed for fertilization between females and males. In addition, there is also a difference between the size of the eggs produced by the female and male sperm. For example, some individuals have large eggs while others have small eggs. Some individuals produce large sperm while others have small sized eggs. The large sperm are able to travel through the shorter distance called the Fallopian tube while the smaller sized sperm cannot penetrate through this barrier.

After a successful fertilization, the woman’s body will then expel the fertilized egg. The process happens gradually, which can take several hours or even days. The vagina will empty in stages that begin with the very first menstruation. Thereafter, other stages take place such as the expulsion of mucus from the cervix, vagina’s re-hydration, the dissection of the uterine lining and finally the expulsion of the amniotic fluid. The woman experiences various physical changes before, during and after the commencement of this process. A woman’s body will also experience intense pain and may even feel heavy during this time.

It has been scientifically proven that the male sperm has a much shorter life span than the female sperm. This short lifespan affects how long the egg is within the ovary. When the egg is fertilized by the male sperm, it is unable to survive the journey down the fallopian tube. Therefore, the sperm does not survive until after it has carried out its life cycle within the uterus. Once the sperm is removed from the egg, the female sperm has an opportunity to fertilize the egg once again.

There are many cultural and physiological differences between the two types of sperm. It has been said that Arab sperm has a life expectancy of just one day while the white sperm has the ability to live for many weeks. These differences in life span affect the time it takes for women to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. Many women have said that, if their partners are not Arab, it takes them many weeks to reach orgasm. Some women, however, have said that their partner’s ejaculate prior to or just after vaginal sex.