The Sexlife in the Arab Emirates

“Arab Emirates: Anastasia Steele in Sex, Love and Nationality” by Anna Steele is a quick, enjoyable read about the life of a woman from a conservative, deeply Islamic country. But it also has some interesting insights about women in other cultures. The author looks closely at how sex affects women’s lives in different parts of the world and Middle Eastern countries. Some of the chapters focus on Arabic culture including how to meet a man and what it feels like to be sexually attractive to him.

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I especially enjoyed the sections on Arab societies, religion and marriage. Many Middle Eastern women are severely modest about their bodies and clothing and some do not even go to the shops to shop for clothes. This results in a lack of fashion sense amongst many Arab women, which leads to them buying very cheap western clothing. Their conservative approach to clothing also means that they rarely buy new styles.

When an Arab woman is married, she becomes submissive to her husband. The book discusses some typical marriage situations, how the marriage is arranged and what the future holds for either party. It talks about what you need to do to get your husband to love you – and to respect you. The author shows how certain customs can affect a relationship between a man and a woman and even how a woman’s reaction to perfume can have an impact on whether she can have an orgasm or not. This includes the use of rose petals and henna to create sexual attraction.

I particularly enjoyed the discussions about Arab women’s role in society, including how they are treated by relatives, neighbours and employers. Many women are denied the right to work outside the home and so must end up working in brothels or as assistants to Western men. Many have ended up making pornography as a result. The author takes up the case of one woman who was gang-raped by five men and then married to one of them.

I particularly found the discussions about prostitution and the role of foreign men in this trade fascinating. There are many stories of men from the Middle East who are attracted to Arab and African women because they are so beautiful, but some are attracted to young girls because of the innocence of their culture. There is also a discussion of why foreign men are attracted to conservative Arab cultures. This, too, is fascinating and you learn a lot about human psychology.

One thing the author did well be including an afterword where she discussed how attitudes are changing in the Muslim world towards premarital sex and what this means for the future. She said that before we look too far into the future, it might be best for both the genders to just enjoy the experience of being intimate rather than obsess over it. This book is very positive in its outlook and provides good tips for pre-marital sex. It is comforting to know that there are positive teachings to fall back on when faced with temptation.

This is undoubtedly a highly attractive read. There are many things that make the book very appealing and those that are most interesting to me are the cultural insights, the positive outlook for the future, and the practical advice on staying healthy. There are many things that could improve Middle Eastern marriage cultures but this book is certainly one of the best guides out there. The author has done a tremendous job of presenting this information and the positive outlook shared is very encouraging.

I found this book very helpful and I highly recommend it. It takes into account all the issues that are important to Middle Eastern women and gives you practical solutions. It is very informative and entertaining at the same time. There is definitely more to learn about this fascinating subject.