History of prostitution and sex in Sudan

History of prostitution and sex in Sudan

The history of prostitution and human sex slaves in Sudan is not as clear as it should be. Some accounts of the history do not paint a flattering picture of the nation’s most popular past time. Others portray Africa’s most wanted country as a place where women are subjected to sexual slavery. One thing is for sure, the history of slavery has a strong hold on the minds of those that choose to look the other way. The practice of slavery has always been prevalent throughout Africa. Slavery existed in Africa prior to the arrival of Europeans. Before Europeans brought their possessions they brought with them, there were numerous African societies that practiced slavery. The typical punishment was death but sometimes this would just be a temporary solution to an issue. The life of an African woman before the age of fifteen was tough. She had to provide for her family, work long hours at a slave master’s shop earning very little. When a girl was brought into a European household, she was often treated worse than the other women. This included having to be treated as a commodity and sexual property of the master. Read more about sex in Sudan on this page

The story of prostitution in Sudan begins at puberty. Many young women are sold to African slave masters who use them as sexual commodities. Many girls are sold to for as little as $200. Some girls are even forced to marry many men to support their families. In many instances these women and girls are forced into slavery. When this happens there is no place for them to go and they are left to fend for themselves. The documented history of sexual slavery is extensive in African countries like Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Liberia.

The history of sexual slavery in Africa is detailed in the Gambia documents. There are also many documented cases in which African children are subjected to marriage and slavery. One of the worst forms of slavery is called Kegel exercises. This involves young boys being forced to exchange their right to live with their sisters for a more promising spouse. This is a horrific practice and one that should be seen as an abomination by human rights advocates. The history of prostitution in Sudan is long and systematic. The practices have ebbed and flowed throughout the years. Many different cultures have influenced the way people have thought about women. The roots of the prostitution in Africa can be traced to the very foundation of Islam. For many centuries, the people of Africa have been discussing the exploitation of women. Today, there is still much work to be done. This includes eradicating all types of child sexual slavery. Any child subjected to any form of slavery is a slave not a human being. By the definition, the history of prostitution and sex in Sudan is a very dark one.

Slavery is defined as using another human being as a commodity. There is no question of the exploitation of the slave. The issue is when a human being is used for the sexual gratification of others. In some cases, this is not even relevant. A slave can be forced to become a prostitute if he or she does not follow certain rules. It is important to look at the way people view child sex trafficking as well. Some people may look at it in a different light than others. An African head of state who profits from the prostitution of young girls may become controversial. However, the history shows that those who benefit from the slave trade use children as sexual commodities. Of course, there are many documented cases of the slave trade, including in Sierra Leone, but it is hard to find statistics on the history of child slavery in Africa. Most of the reports on the topic come from emergencies and humanitarian efforts. The details on the victims are usually too horrifying to be accepted by anyone. One case in point involves hundreds of minors who were forcibly removed from their families and taken to the central African country of Mali for the purpose of prostitution. The youngest victim was just 12 years old.

If you want to learn more about the history of prostitution and child sex in Africa, I encourage you to access information from sources I have reviewed. When researching, be sure to find documented proof and not ” hearsay”. There is a lot to be learned from trail-blazing. Think about this: how would we know if the stories of African slaves in America are true or not? Would we ever learn the whole story if it were left at a crossroads with only oral traditions and written facts to rely on?